Mutharika’s aide Bamusi survives fatal crash


Presidential advisor on civil society Mavuto Bamusi escaped death during a head-on collision Thursday morning.

Bamusi was one of the survivors in the car crash that killed two people: 36-year-old Benson Magesi and 50-year-old Levison Chinyoka.

Mavuto Bamusi

The scene of the car crash

According to Police, Bamusi was in his official Toyota Prado registration number CK8560 (MG418AD) coming from Lilongwe going to Blantyre.

When the vehicle reached Mkutu Village near Ntcheu-Dedza border, it collided with a Toyota Sienta which was being driven by Benson Magesi and was travelling from Ntcheu to Dedza with five passengers on board.

Driver of the Toyota Sienta registration No. BS7970, Magesi, started overtaking a minibus and in the process the Sienta collided head on with Bamusi’s vehicle.

Police says following the impact, Magesi and a passenger in the Sienta, Chinyoka, died on the spot due to head injuries.

Further reports indicates that one passenger from the same vehicle sustained a fracture on his right shoulder whilst 3 passengers and Bamusi survived.

The Sienta had its windscreen shattered and front part extensively damaged while Bamusi’s car had its front part damaged and cab depressed.

The deceased Benson Magesi hailed from village Katsekaminga, T/A. Kamenyagwaza in Dedza while Levison Chinyoka came from Njolomole, T/A. Njolomole in Ntcheu.



  1. koma amalawi tidzilankhula bwino zikawawonekera anzathu. panseu sipalibwino. inunso muli ndi adani anu zikadzachotika ena nkumanyoza mudzamva bwanji. omega think twice.

  2. Sanathane nawe ambuye ali ndi cholinga ndi moyo wako chofunika ndi changu kupeleka moyo kwa mwini wake kuti likamadzabwera tsiku lina lotelo azatipeze muli moyera mu mtima as of now all the best

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  4. oh, zomvesa chisoni, pepani a president, akubanja ngozi zoterezi zikuchulukila, tiyeni tizingoyang’ana kwa mulungu kuti ukatha moyou, tikapezenso moyo wina koma osatha.

  5. What happened to the round of prayers that were sent to God re: accidents on the roads of Malawi? Didn’t work? Or God didn’t listen? Maybe it’s time now to use common sense to curb roads accidents, not a bunch of prayers

  6. lets say sorry.kuitanidwa kwa munthu kwa mulungu kumadzera munjira zosiyanasiyana kudzera mu imfa. okhulupilira sakhalanso odabwa kapena kulankhula zopanda pake. because we dont know WHO IS NEXT. after this? Mulungu azitisogolela.

  7. In this life anything can happen so we need to be getting closer to God everyday by praying and ask for forgiveness….the same thing can happen today dpp is ruling tomorrow is mcp so my advice to people like bamusi that learn to talk with manners let not politics makes u to insult poor Malawias otherwise u were going to die today and God has spared u

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