Malawians protest against gender based violence

Malawi women

A section of Malawians have taken to the streets of Lilongwe to protest against gender based violence.

The protests come hot on the heels of repetitive reports of woman battering that have filled the news spaces in recent days.


In the worst of the reported cases, 31 year old Mirriam Siula was stabbed to death by her ex-boyfriend who is now in police custody.

Her case came after the stabbing of Sally Mkwezalamba who was repeatedly stabbed by a man Edward Kulemeka. Kulemeka is also in police custody.

A police officer, Bellington Kamwagha, was also in the news for beating to a pulp his wife over marital disagreements.

The protests have also been staged at Chancellor College.



  1. Where are the other placards that were used in the demonstration? Why is it that they don’t receive much attention as this pussy one?. Something must be wrong if we do not notice why the public has reacted either positively or otherwise. Where are our morals?

  2. Hewoooooooo,,,Malawi wanga ukupita kut iwe????? So Misala iyi? Hiiiiii abale anthu chinthu cholemekedzeka Chija mwayamba kuyenda nacho pamtunda? Mmmmm Ambuye bwerani muzangothesa dzikoli basi

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  4. Haiboooooo!ndiye mwati icho chanyamulidwacho palembedwa Chani?kapena sindikuona bwino!zooopsya kobasi!

  5. Mukapanda kusiya zanu zogwiritsa ntchito “pussy ” zo using it as income source, muzimenyedwa basi till mulowe mu “line”

    1. Madam, when people tell me who they are, I believe them. I have learnt in my life that women needs our utmost respect. Our Islamic values teach us that Mothers are more beloved to us and supersedes fathers by three steps. The problem is that capitalism and democracy has degraded our beloved women by it’s propaganda that has left our women demanding indecency rather than respect. We do respect our women but won’t clap hands when certain misguided females decide to use vulgar language in the name of protests. This is Malawi and not the West. We have values and respect to cherish. We know what women keep between their legs is precious. Some should not disgrace. I rest my case.

    2. My remarks are in response to a post on abuse. Apparently, a female protester has been arrested. I dislike abuse of women wherever it happens.

    3. Don’t forget that we also abused but we remain silent. Not that we don’t want to but our sayings are rubbish. You go to the police station to present a case whereby your wife has abused you, they start laughing like we are stupid.

      We got no words to say. Anyway, your pussies your pride.

    4. I like to see loving relationships between men and women. I know there are female abusers and I consider such behavior out of place in a world where there is so much temptation. Men and women must realize the value of a loving relationship. I know that real men cherish a feminine, supportive woman.

  6. Zopusa zokha zokha,, kuziyalutsa, what are the benefits after all with these stupid posters ,, and is this what u call freedom,, stupid women

  7. My pussy my pride? Then why not keeping your pussy only with you and live private life rather than turned it into trade.The moment you engage or share it with someone just know it belongs to both of you unless otherwise

  8. Bwanji simnalembe mchichewa poster mwatengayo mai? Simngadzipatse ulemu? Ufulu wamtundu wanji umenewo womatchula ziwalo zanu zobisika poyera? Zopusa basi. Mmaso mwanu mxiew

  9. An advice to all young men who handle a woman as personal property. The message is clear. One way of avoiding gender based violence is to understand that woman is human. She is free and entitled to birthright, including saying no to sexual exploitation and abuse

    1. Oh!!!! Is it unlawful to mention name of body part? No! We are all entitled to free speech expression. It is a taste of time.

  10. za ziiii Mulungu akhale opusa kumpanga mkazi kuti azibereka pamene mamuna ayi lero mukuti mamuna ndi mkazi ndiofanana, kuyambira Adamu Mamuna ndi Mkazi sazafananabe Mamuna ndi Mamuna ndipo mkazi ndi mkazi basi olo mutani

  11. Men will be Men always if a woman try to take their position they will always react sometimes they react more than you may think so woman know ur position and ur limit without me you wouldn’t be existed. I am the head in my house.

  12. Malawian womenMay God almighty powerful intervene in your mentality in the mighty name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth the son of the living God thanks Lord amen

  13. Going through these comments today saddens me how my Malawi has a long way to go in combatting the concept of GBV. The impression am getting here seems to be that women deserve it. There is nothing wrong with that placard…..Men indeed feel that they have the right over women’s vagina & that is why they just rape them anyhow even in marriage. I wonder if any of you people here have sisters, mother’s and daughters (or will have them someday). Maybe Let’s wait until it happens to them.. They get beaten, rapped harassed or abused..they will deserve it right?????

  14. vuto akaziwa mukuwapasa ufulu opambana usinkhu wawo . komanso kupambana momwe Bible limakambila pakati pa amuna ndi akazi. nanga poster imeneyi ndiyoyenela kumayenda nawo pamsewu? ngati mukufuna kukhala ndi ufulu wopambana usinkhu ndikwabwino musakwatiwe and enjoy your Rights in all corners of your life kupanda apo sitikulekani muwauzeso a mabungwe anuwo kuti William akuti satisiya.

    1. No time wasted come back papa if you Av chance to kill beach kill her I don’t believe kuti litha kukhala Tchomo nanga anthu onse analembedwa mu Bible kuti akhala akupha anthu aja bwanji Mulungu anawakhululukila ndye kulibwanji kupha Hule ndye Chauta angakuumile Mtima?

  15. Hahahaha Hahahaha Malawi wafika pa South Africa ndithu kkkkkk headline yokhayo no wonder azimayi akungogawa maliseche pa social media ndithu shaaa dziko la ulemu lija lapita basi.

  16. Someone should stop this madness!! who are these women anyway!!!? This has to be stopped please how can a mother of an african origin and a malawian for that matter parade in the street with such messages!! Who are the intended target for those abusive messages? gender violence cannot be stopped with such stupidity, let them come here and tell us what is it all bout this pride in their p***sy? this is so degrading to normal women that we men take pride!!!!

  17. I understand their concern about violence. But is that billboard really necessary, it is vulgar. That does not invoke sympathy for the cause, but disgust.

  18. The ignorance in the comments herein is disgusting. I think men really need to be informed about gender based violence. Kapena ndinene mchichewa, if your woman/wife/girlfriend cheats on you and mwamumenya, ndiye kuti aleka? Chabwino ngati ali okula mtima ndiye inuyo kumamumenya, amasiya kukula mtima?

    The logic going into most comments here is very very disappointing

    1. u r mad!! cant u c de abomination on de poster?is this wat malawi want to c?these women of ours thy luck respect 4 dea husbands.wat nid to b done is to sensitize our women on dea roll as women otherwise men shall not stop chopping dea hands.

    2. Isee you have deleted the comment that you mentioned about #Andy’s parent because i was about to nail your head basing on that comment!!! Much as we dont want our women abused but look at those placards? “kubadwa ndi nyini sitchimo, my pussy my pride” Can a normal man allow a wife parading in the street with such messages? How do you respect such types of moral bankrupt women!!

    3. So you think because she wrote that on a placard it is OK for you to beat her up? And who told you she is a wife? And who told you that women ask to be respected? The issue here is for whatever reason don’t put a finger on a woman.

    4. kkkkkkk there are two things here….1.Gender Based Violence..2. Moral Communication…much as I know that abusing a woman is wrong I also argue that the poster is nosense….

    5. We Malawians need to be schooled on the difference between respect & fear. What I’m seeing is that men want women to fear them & not respect them. There’s nothing wrong with that placard. Women are raped by their boyfriends, husbands & others because the men feel women are their property & decide on when they want to have sex or not & that’s why there raped, beaten & abused when they deny their partners sex. Having pride in one’s vagina means they understand that they have every right over it & no one can dominate or overpower them on when to have sex.

    6. Now a woman calls her vagina “pussy” as she calls it in the language you men seem to understand as you sing & talk about it even insult it among yourselves. But the woman has called it that herself watukwana, It’s obscene, she doesn’t deserve respect. At least now you know not to refer to female vagina as pussy.

    7. I can see serious attempts to divert issues here. The point is gender based violence can not be acceptable by any means. And men who perpetrate it are cowards and should grow some balls.

    8. And you are a small coward for beating your woman. Another man will beat your daughter to death and you will know then that Gender Based Violence is unacceptable Elishan Chadza

    9. Not cowards at all ,when u do such a kind of act ,u can’t even feel your skin and u can even kill,,,if u ain’t happy in your relationship just leave don’t ever cheat uzazindikira uli ku manda kosaziwa kanthu biiii kuja,,even bible says ngati nkazi wachita chigololo Mamuna amalusa ngati nkango,,ndie nkango paja umafuna kisser eti????

    10. Jesus came to show the way man ought to live. In his journey the same Bible when people were about to throw stones at the woman who committed adultery, he said “let he without sin caste the first stone.” That is the way he showed to be treated towards adultery & this was to a woman. Jesus knew how violent men can be towards women even before we would see it. I wonder if you’ll be bold to use these arguments if it’s your sister, mother & daughter.

    11. Godfrey, grow some balls. Azibambo anzakofe tikakukwiyitsa umatimenyanso kapena umapezelela azimayi. Kumeneko ndiye kupepelako. The point is stop gender based violence. An d don’t bring the Bible here ku mpingo kwanu konko zimenezo

    12. Margret Tendai Mwale .The issue about the march was GBV .Aside from the fact of spousal abuse ,it also encapsulates sexual violence crimes like rape assault etc .in other words it’s all embracing .The issue I ve with you is your support for the use of vulgar language to convey the msg for this formidable campaign against GBV .The lady in question could ve packaged her msg in a morally acceptable language to advance the campaign rather opting to use skanky language ! In doing so the msg which she was trying to convey may now have been lost on her audience .

  19. That means that thing mentioned in picture above contribute to gender based violence?.If yes try to close it then men will never beat that hell out of you ladies

  20. At least you can see the reason we flog and break the jaws of the women, they aren’t sensible at all. And sense must be beaten into them.

  21. Anthu anzeru zawo ndithu kumanyamula ma post otukwana chonchi??

    And they expect to be respected ?

    If one can’t even respect him/her self, how can the rest of the world respect munthu oteroyo?

  22. the poster itself determine lacky of respect of there bodies,them ought to know the meaning of gender bais n the meaning of rights to special groups,thats why women are victims in Malawi due to misbehaving either in marrige or public places.

    1. We gain respect u can have a pussy as they say but doesn’t mean u mast me rude to athers
      To have a pussy doesnt mean u are above all

    2. makaveli odum okechukwo whether I get my mind off or not ,she will appear before court to ans charges under section 137(3)of the peno code of malawi constitution.not my constitution.we are talking of malawi constitution not nigerian constitution

  23. There must be a reason as to why there is this so called gender based violence. Ask the men who are in custody, they will tell you the reason as to why they did that. Educate our women to be faithful and obedience, this will be minimized.

    1. Mwanena zoona. Akaziwa ofunika aphunzitsidwe zoyenela akamalakhula ndi amuna awo. Apo bii adzingodulidw makosi choncho

  24. If u ask them the meaning of “Gender based violence”akuyankhani kuti “kaya ife angotipasa tima alovela tingapo ati tiziguba” then u think u can bring about change mxew sleepy dogs

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