Facebook reacts to Wandale child’s secondary school selection

Vincent Wandale

The social media is not just quick but it also stimulates heightened debates and an unprecedented sense of humour.

A recent one has been sparked by the selection of one Vincent Wandale’s child to a secondary school in Malawi.

Vincent Wandale
Wandale child’s secondary school selection cause a stir.

This follows the release of Primary School Leaving Certificate of Education (PSLCE) exam results.

Wandale is president of the so-called United States of Mulanje and Thyolo (MUST) and a week after releasing names of cabinet members of MUST is not done yet amusing the social media.

On Tuesday he took control of Facebook with a post that exposed his delight to the news that his son has been selected to a secondary school.

Wandale has been claiming that the two districts seceded from mainland Malawi. This has been done under the People’s Land Organisation (PLO).

He has over time recognized Malawi as being ‘another country’ when in Thyolo and Mulanje.

“But under whose exam body did your son write the exam?’ Questioned one of the Facebook users that apparently went against the wits of Wandale in the calls he has been making.

Innocent Original Munthali wrote: “Please start processing his travelling documents since he is going abroad.’’

But to one post Wandale replied that he is not one of a kind as most presidents fancy sending their kids to study abroad – a response that implies he still clings to the stance that the two districts seceded from mainland Malawi.

To another comment, Wandale got cautioned that as a self-acclaimed president of a ‘nation’ there is need for him to keep some matters about his family and private life a secret.

Nathan Nathy Chitenje wrote: “Mr Wandale sir behave as a leader, keep some family issues own your own. Show some leadership skills …people must not know you in and out. You can create your own downfall by your level of thinking. That’s my advice.”

The PLO has been calling on the Malawi government to rule that all the companies which own estates in the two districts got them illegally and that tea estates which are not being used should be shared to people who do not have land for cultivation.

However, government has been silent on the matter for years.

But according to Wandale, it is not wrong for someone to make calls for secession as the two districts have borrowed a leaf from Kosovo which seceded from Serbia in February 2008 as the Republic of Kosovo.



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