Anonymous36t talks love for music

Malawi music

Local rapper Anonymous36t has stressed that his marriage to music is mainly built on the condition of love for the art.

The Lilongwe based Mcee who started music at a tender age, got enticed to serious recording in 2010. His involvement in major music projects with giants in the industry made him realise the gravity of passion he has for the mic.

Malawi music
Anonymous36t: I do music because I love it

In an interview with Malawi24 on Wednesday, he made it clear that love for music is what pins him to the art.

“I do music because I love it, it’s one thing I have learnt not to live without. I therefore do music for people who can relate with my style,” he said

Having been in music for a good number of years, the capital city boy has learned to appreciate creativity among artists. Being a rapper highly rated for possessing the quality, he believes it is not a line for separating good artists from bad ones.

“Creativity is an important aspect in music and any sort of art. But distinguishing a good and a bad artist is a kind of a wrong way of looking at it. I look at it as not everyone can be a fan of your art, if you are not a fan then that music is likely to be deemed bad for you.”

Anonymous lets his fans judge his music from different perspectives because he makes it for them. As such he leaves it up to them to determine if there is something unique with his talent.

Some of the top artists he has worked with are, Renegade, Pilgrim, The Daredevils and Dominant 1. His target remains to satisfy his fans with good music.

He plans to fuse his instrumentals with African elements so as to easily connect with the local audience. Having done “small kid in Lcity” on a Dominant 1 production, he promises more entertaining songs.