Uladi dares PP

Uladi Mussa

People’s Party (PP) politician Uladi Mussa has challenged the party’s decision to suspend him from his position as acting president.

Uladi who was suspended on Friday by the party’s National Executive Committee (NEC) following his sentiments that PP founder Joyce Banda is no longer the party’s leader has maintained that he is still acting president and active member of the party.

Uladi Mussa
Mussa: I am still the acting president of PP.

Mussa expressed ignorance on the reports of him being suspended saying he is yet to be informed.

He further questioned the NEC of PP for suspending him without his knowledge and claimed that he is the “chairperson” of the NEC.

Mussa who is popularly known as “change goal” challenged the decision to have him suspended arguing he has “done nothing wrong”.

“Aah aah kumeneko ndekusewela naye change golo (aah …that’s playing with change goal) kuyima simlandu (contesting for a position is not wrong),” said Mussa.

He added further by disclosing that the party’s founder Banda has not expressed interest in contesting for the position of president at the party’s convention.

PP has been having internal shakeups due to a leadership vacuum that has been there since Banda left the country following her loss in the 2014 elections.

The squabbles have witnessed many members dumping the former ruling party for other parties.