Government won’t move refugees to Karonga

Dzaleka refugee camp

Government has shelved plans to move refugees from Dzaleka Refugee Camp in Dowa to Katili in Karonga, according to the Ministry of Home Affairs and Internal Security.

Principal Secretary in the Ministry of Home Affairs and Internal Security Samuel Madula said government will not transfer over 27,000 refugees to Karonga until a further announcement is made on the issue.

Dzaleka refugee camp
Refugees at Malawi’s Dzaleka camp.

When government announced the decision to relocate the refugees last year, there were protests from people in Karonga and some leaders in the district insisted that they will make sure the move does not happen.

But Karonga residents’ disapproval is not the reason for government’s U-turn.

Speaking when he appeared before the Public Accounts Committee of Parliament in Lilongwe last week, Madula said an assessment which the ministry conducted has revealed that there is lack of resources such as water and arable land at Katili.

Government made the decision to relocate the refugees to the Northern Region so as to move the camp away from Lilongwe which is Malawi’s capital city.




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