Uladi in hot soup after overthrowing JB


Just a day after announcing a bloodless coup on the leadership of Joyce Banda over the dysfunctional opposition People’s Party (PP), Uladi Mussa has courted trouble.

A People’s Party member loyal to former President Joyce Banda has condemned PP acting president Uladi Mussa for taking over leadership of the party through the backdoor.

Uladi Mussa

Mussa: In trouble.

The loyalist, Ackson Kalaile Banda, has accused Mussa of overthrowing Joyce Banda due to his failure to lead the former ruling party.

According to Kalaile, Mussa has failed to sell himself to voters across the country despite being given the platform by Banda.

“Hon. Uladi Mussa could have conceded defeat for failing to run the party for the past three years of his Acting-ship. JB gave him the mantle to sell himself to the people across the country but he has failed. Failure has no excuse,” said Kalaile in a Facebook post.

Mussa on Thursday announced that he is taking over the leadership of the PP citing Banda’s intentions to handpick her son Roy Kachale as the president of the party.

But Kalaile has defended Banda saying she has never wanted to make her son president of the party.

The PP politician has advised Mussa to contest at a convention if he wants to become president of the PP.

“Dragging this innocent son of JB, Hon Akajuwe Roy Kachale Banda, as the reason for his disgruntled action is uncalled for. Whatever reasons Hon. Uladi Mussa is giving are a scapegoat to his failures, party positions are taken at the convention, not self-imposing,” he said.

Kalaile went on to say that Mussa’s actions have proved people’s fears that he is untrustworthy.

“JB was faulted soon after appointing Hon. Uladi Mussa as the Acting President because Malawians have no trust him and this has just proved the doubts that people had on him,” said Kalaile.

Mussa told the local media on Thursday that he is now leader of the PP since Banda’s mandate expired in August and the party is tired of waiting for her.

Banda who ruled Malawi for two years has been on self-imposed exile since 2014.


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