Joyce Banda deposed


…JB has no mandate over PP, says Uladi Mussa

Things have fallen apart in People’s Party where Uladi Mussa, the party’s acting president, has said he no longer recognises Joyce Banda as PP’s president.

Change Golo, as Mussa is popularly known, told one of the local radio stations that Joyce Banda’s mandate as PP president expired last month “having served the mandatory five-year term” as set out within the party’s constitution.

Uladi Mussa

Uladi Mussa: JB’s tenure expired

Mussa, who has done what can be described as ka-Joyce Banda, has so far revealed that there is a lousy relationship between him and the former Malawi president. He accused her of preparing her son, Roy Kachele, as the rightful heir to the top seat.

“She wants Roy to stand as PP president in 2019. But I will not allow that. Her 5-year tenure of office expired last August. She has no mandate over PP” said Uladi Mussa.

He then stated that he will put forward his own name as the party’s torchbearer in the 2019 Malawi presidential elections should PP’s National Executive Committee call for a convention.

Ironically, Joyce Banda founded PP when she opposed President Bingu wa Mutharika’s plans to appoint his brother, Peter Mutharika as Democratic Progressive Party presidential candidate for the 2014 elections instead of herself when she was Bingu’s second in command.

Upon going their separate ways, Joyce Banda took over State Presidency following the untimely death of Bingu in April 2012. She however lost to Peter Mutharika in 2014 elections. She then went into self imposed exile in September of that same year.

Meanwhile, PP Spokesperson Noah Chimpeni responded by saying that Mussa has staged a coup.



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