Electricity blackouts biting Malawi hard


Malawi’s power outages are really a thorn in the fresh.

Malawians are yet again experiencing electricity outages just like last year.

The Electricity Supply Corporation of Malawi (Escom) last month indicated that the dwindling water levels in Lake Malawi remain the main reason behind the problem.

Power outages still a problem in Malawi.

But power outages are back. On Thursday in Blantyre for example, there were no lights for over five hours in locations like Chitawira, Nkolokosa, Kanjedza and Naperi just to mention a few.

Businesspersons operating in these locations told Malawi24 recently of how the situation has left a bad mark on their businesses.

They said that in a day for example, they are only having power for less than three hours something they feel is not just an evil to their businesses but also the economy.

While some sections feel that Escom has failed in its duties, other say the nation could instead be working hard on alternative sources of power rather than relying too much on hydropower.

The Electricity Generation Company (EGENCO) – which oversees power supply in Malawi lined up activities like upping the generation capacity in stations as well as improving machinery among other things.

Escom has indicated that the current situation will run through to December this year.


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