Books conquer the mic: musician Lincon goes to India for studies


Youthful afro sounds artisan Lincon has taken a music break in answering the call of studies having secured a scholarship in India.

The singer, who is famed for a song titled Zaine that features Zambian duo of B1 and General Kanene, left for the Asian nation on Thursday leaving behind a word of hope to his darling fans.

Lincon: Takes a break in music.

“This is not end of the road in music, once a musician always a musician,” he assured his fans in an interview with Malawi24

The academic opportunity will sideline him from studio work for four years. However he repeatedly assured his fans that this is not a retirement as he is only taking a step at a time.

The Lilongwe based artist thanked his fans for the strong support, not forgetting his mother and uncle whose tireless efforts he said have led him where he is.

“My Mum, Freency Mandira and Uncle Pizzaro Lukhanda, I salute you for your efforts in helping me secure this scholarship.”

At Shimla, he will be pursuing a bachelors degree in commerce. Currently he holds a diploma in law from Chancellor College of the now disbanded University of Malawi.

Born Lincon Kabaghe, he has a number of songs under his name. He spent some years in Zambia hence his music also reflect the neighbouring country’s identity.

Working with Zambian artists has given him a name in that country. Considering that Zambia has a lot in common with Malawi, Kabaghe believes it is not hard to adapt to the two environments.

Last year, the capital city boy was just an inch away from claiming K10 million in the reality TV show branded Rise Africa as he came second.