Muslims celebrates Eid-Adha


Muslims in the country are today celebrating Eid-Adha marking ten days of fasting in the month called Dhul-Hijjah 1438 of the Islamic Calendar.

In an interview with Malawi24, one of the Muslim scholars in the country Sheikh Stambulie Emu said that the 10th day of the Holy Month of Dhul-Hijja marks the end of fasting of the first ten days of the holy month.


Muslims are celebrating Eid-Adha today.

Eid-Adha is an Arabic word that means commemoration of the sacrifice and it reflects the day when Prophet Abraham was going to sacrifice his son Ismael at Mount Arafat and was later instructed by God to offer a lamb instead.

On this day, Muslims kill animals in form of charity that are distributed to needy people.

Over 3 million Muslims including some from Malawi are currently in Saudi Arabia making Hajji that comes alongside Eid-Adha.

During the time in Saud Arabia, the Muslims visit the Mount Arafat where Abraham wanted to make the sacrifice and later go to Mina where they stone as part of the whole pilgrimage.