Malawian accused of being a terrorist in Kenya


A Malawian national is facing terrorism-related charges after he was found with a sketch plan of a railway terminus in the Kenyan port city of Mombasa.

The man, Kristen Prince Kishombe, was on August 28 found with a sketch plan of Standard Gauge Railway terminus in Mombasa which prosecutors believe he drew in order to use it for an act of terrorism.

Kristen Prince Kishombe: Accused of being a terrorist.

Prosecutors also say Kishombe refused to leave an area prohibited to passengers at the railway terminus.

When he appeared in court in Mombasa, Kishombe denied charges of collecting information and claimed that he is a footballer. He also told the court that he passed through other countries without problems.

“All they (police) are doing is to implicate me, I am a football player, other passengers were taking photos of the terminus, I have a sketch with a few details,” Kishombe said.

Prosecuting counsel Lydia Kagori claimed that Kishombe belongs to a terrorist group, something the accused also denied.

Kagori said the police did not find an opportunity to record a statement on the case and asked the court to allow them detain the accused for 15 days for the police to continue their investigations.

But Chief Magistrate Julius Nang’ea ruled that Kishombe should be detained for seven days.

Meanwhile, Kenyan Police have confiscated laptops and three mobile phones from the accused which have been taken for analysis at Cyber Crime office in Kenya.

Kagori said investigators will liaise with the Malawian Embassy in Kenya on the issue.