Police officer nabbed for beating wife

Police in Malawi’s capital Lilongwe have arrested a fellow officer who severely beat his wife, Malawi24 can report.

The officer, Superintendent Berlington Kamwagha from Kawale police station, assaulted his wife leaving her with facial injuries.

The wife beaten severely.

Pictures of the woman which have been shared on social media show that she suffered a cut just below her left eye.

The beating also left the woman with heavily swollen left eye, lips and cheeks.

The picture led to a debate on brutal acts among police officers in the country as many people were condemning the incident.

Meanwhile the police officer is yet to appear in court.

This comes at a time when campaigns to end gender based violence are being conducted across Malawi by various stakeholders, including the police.



  1. He was an officer here in Chiradzulu district a few yes ago,and anali kunja for other missions,,aaaa..this is so shameful abwana..

  2. The courts must set examples on such law enforcers who have become beasts themselves. He should have known better that doing this was unlawful and evil. If he can do this to his own wife, can he fail to do even worse actions to suspects?

  3. This is very very bad it’s good to hear both sides what went wrong to reach this point

  4. Iyeyo akufuna banja lake litatha akwatre mkaz wna yemwe wamupeza,,ndemukuona [email protected] akadatani koposa kupha…? Akukakamira dala…ndan adakuuzan kt banja lomangtsa slitha…? Ngat saukuufuna vomereza uzpta kwanu,,,,

  5. Koma ndi munthu wake yemwe ali pamwambapo. Abale ndi chani KODI

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