Malawi Police officer mounts fake roadblock

Malawi Police

A Malawi Police officer has been arrested in Dedza for manning an illegal roadblock in his home village.

Malawi Police
Mdala: mounted a fake roadblock

The officer, constable Mdala, was found collecting money unlawfully from people in his home area at Lobi, Traditional Authority Kachere in Dedza.

According to reports, Mdala whose number is B5745 was earlier granted leave and he went to his home village to spend the holiday.

While in the village, he put on his police uniform, mounted a fake roadblock and started soliciting money from people.

Community members became suspicious of Mdala’s conduct and they tipped the police who went to the illegal roadblock in plain clothes and caught him red handed.



  1. ngati analimmaluzi akanangopempha kuti abweleleso pa ntchito nanga zimenezi zikunyazitsa boma

  2. cool,mechanic do peace works,accountant as well,teacher do part time classes,nurses and doctors do locum,Lawyers do drafting as peace works,Unima lecturers go exploits and BIU for ganyu,so he did what he can.

  3. What is a ‘fake’ roadblock? You mean an illegal (unauthorised) one?

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