Chiefs hail household assessment


Chiefs in Phalombe have commended the household assessment which quality services research team from Thandizo Community Based Organisation (CBO) conducted in some parts of the district.

The assessment which was done with support from University Research Company under a project called Project Assist revealed that education sector is the main challenge people in the 10 surveyed villages face.

Participants at the CBO meeting

The CBO’s quality improvement team facilitator Vincent Thom told chiefs during a meeting which they held on Saturday that they are ready to address the problems which they found so as to take their areas to the next level.

“As a CBO, we are targeting 350 vulnerable households in all the 10 chiefs surrounding us to work with in areas such as education and household economic strengthening where we look at things such as wetland farming, mtukula pakhomo among others,” he said.

When asked in an interview with Malawi24 to explain the reason behind working with chiefs, Thom said that is the only easy way of identifying the beneficiaries.

“We want to work with chiefs so that it should be easy to trace the beneficiaries in their respective villages,” said Thom.

He then emphasized on early childhood development by encouraging chiefs to establish nursery schools which prepare children for primary education.

On her part, Group Village Head woman Chiopsa whose area is where the CBO is based said she and her fellow chiefs are ready to work with the CBO members.

Adding to Chiopsa’s remarks, Village Headman Mdoda said Malawians most times have got a problem since they know where things are not working but they fail to rectify the problem in time.

“We have a problem here in Malawi especially here in Phalombe, most times we know our weaknesses but we just stay idle and fail to fix them. Let’s work with our CBO for the betterment of our people,” said the Chief.

Thandizo CBO is one of the CBOs in Malawi working with University Research Company through Project Assist which is using a quality and improvement model on education and training, health, psychosocial support, child protection, food and nutrition.