Kumbu back on his feet

Malawi’s embattled singer Kumbu has recovered from social media bullying in style as he has reloaded his riffle in readiness for any attack.

Kumbu is back

Kumbu was the talk of social media early last month when he was alleged to have leaked nude pictures of a girl on WhatsApp.

With the issue now buried with the passage of time, he has announced a new music project. He is set to release a single called Sitopu on Monday.

The new music marks his return to active recording after a long break. He told Malawi24 on Saturday that he needed time to realise his destiny in terms of style.

“I had to take a bit of time and try to reinvent myself and go back to my old touch just to make the music that I am known for.”

The Uzandimenyesa ndewu hit maker added that his imminent single is just an appetiser as he is working on an album.

“So I have started off by giving people a taste of my new music by releasing a single titled Sitopu so that they prepare for the full project.”

When asked about the social media scandal and how he feels it may affect his music life, the artist only said that it’s time to move on considering that he solved that issue and his fans are aware of that.