Police warn Malawians over grenades


Malawi police have warned citizens in border areas over explosive materials that have so far killed three people in the country.

According to reports, three people in Dedza district have died after they carried explosive materials.

Commenting on the matter, central region commissioner of police John Nyondo warned citizens residing in border areas of Malawi and neighbouring countries to desist from carrying any explosive materials they find in their places.

Nyondo urged people to be reporting to police when they find any suspicious material.

“May I urge members of the public along the border, if at all they find grenades, those can explode anytime, if they find grenades somewhere they should not take them but report to police,” said Nyondo.

He added that police have experts in explosive materials hence they should be informed to avoid explosions that can kill people near the grenades.

The grenades are suspected to have been along the border areas of Malawi following civil war in Mozambique decades ago.