Malawians told to desist from excessive beer drinking


The Malawi government through the Ministry of Health has advised people in the country to avoid drinking too much alcohol.

Minister of Health Atupele Muluzi made the remarks on Sunday, August 20 in Dedza district.

Atupele Muluzi

Atupele says only a sober person can help in developing Malawi.

Muluzi was speaking during the launch of the country’s National Alcohol Policy.

The minister said excessive alcohol consumption has a negative impact on the development of the country.

He continued by saying that it is only a sober person who can help in developing Malawi since a drunkard is always busy drinking.

Muluzi added that excessive drinking of alcohol causes some health challenges which might hinder an individual from participating in developmental activities.

He noted that it is only a sober person who can positively help one’s family and the country as well, hence the need to stop drinking too much alcohol.

The National Alcohol Policy is aimed at regulating distribution, production and sale of alcohol in the country.
Government hopes the policy will reduce alcohol abuse.

Government and local non-governmental organisation Drug Fight Malawi developed the National Alcohol Policy.