Malawian courts moved to police stations


Following a strike by Judiciary support staff, courts in Malawi have been moved to police stations.

Magistrates across the country will be hearing cases in police stations until the striking Judiciary support staff resumes work.

Mlenga Mvula

Mlenga Mvula: Expects the support staff to continue striking.

According to reports, magistrates have accepted to be hearing some burning cases at police stations and remand suspects who cannot be granted police bail.

The move is aimed at curbing congestion in police cells which has come about due to the strike.

The arrangement will also help reduce caseload.

Meanwhile, Judiciary spokesperson Mlenga Mvula has said the Judiciary expects the support staff to continue striking until government hears their concerns.

Judiciary support staff have been conducting a sit-in demanding government to start paying them house allowances.

But government earlier this week told the Judiciary employees that they are not entitled to house allowances. Government also advised the workers to go back to work or else they will be dealt with.



  1. Zongokambirana izi basi mpaka mfuti ndi ma tear gas kuteroko kukambirana kwa lephereka osaiwala paja dziko lathu limatchuka ndi mbiri yabwino yoti timakhulupirira zokambiri peace and dialogue malemu amakonda kutero ndiye chizimba chathu komanso paja ndidziko lokonda mtendere auzeni zoona zomwe mungathe ndipo zomwe simungathe mwachikondi mosaopsyeza

  2. Its a violation of separation of responsibilities. The police through the action which they had shown by invading court premises it is a military takeover which is not a democracy.
    Solve the problem, you promised salary harmonisation during your campaign during 2014 election where is the issue now.
    Dont be furious with judiciary help them now.

  3. Please let us discus in Peacefully inorder to abolish exstupid story first you need democracy mean after that you can solve this problem easly without civil war otherwise demonstration it happe and also if you playful there is a lot of people it need work please give chance others to join it

  4. So executive which is police will arrest and pass a verdict on its own. No leave this job to judiciary. Just pay them and lay them off employ others. But whst is being now is wrong….so many things will not go well

  5. Boma lituluse Ma vacancy mwachangu,alembele ena.Ambiri ophunzira akusowa ntchito asamangofuna zabwino okha kuchokera kuboma ngati ophunzira alipo okhawa m’malawi muno. fuck.

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