Man hangs himself in Machinga


A 28-year-old hanged himself in Machinga on Tuesday after his wife said she will divorce him.

Machinga police publicist, Davie Sulumba identified the deceased as Witness Chindimba who was living at Maulana village in Traditional Authority Chikweo in Machinga District.

Sulumba said the man had a tendency of beating his wife whenever disagreements arose in their family.

The wife got tired with this behaviour and reported the matter to family members who summoned them to discuss the issue on August 15.

During the meeting the woman told the family members that she wanted a divorce.

Discussions were adjourned to Wednesday August 16 but on Tuesday night the wife was surprised to see her husband hanging from a mango tree.

Postmortem results from Chikweo Health Centre proved that death was due to suffocation.

Police are therefore urging Malawians to report any misunderstandings that arise in their families to police rather than taking own life.

Witness Chindimba hailed from Mseka village, in the area of Traditional Authority Kawinga in the district.



  1. Adakhuta mgaiwa ameneo zoona amzake m’mene akuphuphira ndi imfa mzipatalamu wina ndikumaseweretsa moyo mmmm Mulungu sakondwera ndi imfa yadara.

  2. Vuto lodalira mkazi modzi ndilimeneri ukanakhala ndi chibwenzi sibwenzi utazimangilira unakangopita kwa mkazi winayo koma sindikutathauza kuti amuna tizikhala ndi zibwenzi tiri pabanja ayi koma situation yapa banja imakuonetsa picture ina yake.

  3. Thank you so much Malawi24 for keeping us informed, entertained and educated. This is part of civic education. Handling social issues is a big problem in our society today. It is because of lack of knowledge, Even those people who are regular visitors to church and indeed religious groups run short of ideas to forming social clubs, that would be in forefront to give advisory role to families and children in their neighborhood. A very simple matter, problem, issue….. ends in a suicide, fight, killings, murder… so on and so forth. We have many NGOs, CSOs and police victim support units. Let these organizations take a leading role in conducting civic education in communities in order to save life and property developed from mob, prejudice and perjury. ( Uyu mzanga zeru zidamuthera, mkazi atamuuza kuti basi, banja latha….. kkkkkkk…. shaaa mkazi wina nikampezaso kuti ozathu, okazi ngovuta kupeza?? basi pachepa polima dimba.. ndingotsikila kuli chete ) Sad story.

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