Wa Jeffrey going nowhere: I am still DPP SG


She has caught flak for her comments that have irritated many people such that reports from yesterday started claiming that she has been fired.

However, ruling Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) Secretary General Jeffrey Wa Jeffrey has refuted claims that she has been fired from her post.

Greselder Jeffrey

Jeffrey wa Jeffrey going nowhere

Reports claimed that Jeffrey had been fired because she described calls for the party to return money it received from city councils and parastatals as zachamba (nonsense) and a waste of time.

On Wednesday it was also reported that she had resigned after her remarks kicked up a storm but the party refused to allow her to step down.

In an interview with Malawi24 on Thursday, Jeffrey insisted that she is still DPP Secretary General and said rumours that she has been fired are not true.

Wa Jeffrey was appointed alongside DPP Administrative Secretary Francis Mphepo, Vice President for Central Region Dr Hetherwick Ntaba and Edward Gawanani as Member of National Governing Council in January this year.

A few months ago, Jeffrey also came under fire after telling a rally that the Northern Region of Malawi cannot produce a president although she later claimed to have been misquoted.



  1. John 8:44 jef speaks of her father, quarter system originated from DPP & its leaders. Also jeff is.. Kaliati could speak but cleverly,, jeff speaks childishly. She deserves a sack and to be replaced by Noisy KALIYATI..

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