Devotion: Your tongue is your pen


Psalms 45 : 1 “My HEART overflows with a goodly theme; I address my psalm to a King. My tongue is like the pen of a ready writer.”

Your tongue is a spiritual pen writing a story for your life. Whatever story you write for yourself, you live that story. Therefore it is important that you write a good story.

Joel 3:10 says let the weak say I am strong. In the midst of your weakness you can change your story by writing strength and then you will start living in your strength. Job 22:29 also tells us that when men cast you down then you will say there is an upliftment. This means that even though you are down you can write an uplifting story and be able to rise again.

Your story of life or death can be written by your tongue(Pro 18:21). Whatever situation you may be, learn to write a good story for your life. Write a story that uplifts, that gives life and that motivates. Refuse to write a negative story because you will live in the story that you have written.

I will always write a good story with my tongue of success, victory, dominion, abundance and other positives. I refuse to write a negative story for my life. In Jesus Name. Amen



  1. It is true. But unfortunetely, the devil has twisted this fact so that people have stopped talking to God but are now writting to God on social media as if God is on FB or Whatsapp. We read things like “I connect”, “amen”, “I receive” ndi zina zotero. We speak to God not write to God.

    • if u spend yo hours on social media and the word of God is preached on radio do u thing u can hear it, let them post on social media wen u r busy doing Facebook Twitter Instagram YouTube WhatsApp messenger the way u do, the words of encouragement from God should appear to u, I c no mistake for posting here? inuyo ndi awowo nzosiyana, asiyeni anzanu amve mau a Mulungu through media chifukwa ndipomwe amakonda always

    • mmodzi wa iwo have reacted. Mulungu sali pa social media. We can just spread the word of God on social media, but when it comes to “amen, I connect or I receive” you have to SPEAK the words. Mulungu sanalenge dziko with some text message on whatsapp or FB. God is MOSTLY interested with what you SAY not your “amen” you type on FB.

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