Three thieves arrested


Three men in Phalombe district are in Police custody for breaking into a house and stealing items valued at K750,000.

This is according to Phalombe police publicist Sub Inspector Augustus Nkhwazi who said the three committed the offence on the night of July 31, 2017.

Nkhwazi said the suspects broke into the house of Joseph Before, an agricultural extension worker at Tamani Extension Planning Area (EPA).

He said on the day of the incident Before was out of the country for official assignments.

The three went away with 32 inch Hisense plasma, 21 inch Ecco TV screen, Sakyno Home Theatre, assorted beddings and a laptop bag containing official documents all valued at MK753,250.

Upon return from official duty, Before took the matter to Police at Chitekesa Police Unit who later instituted investigations and arrested the three and recovered all the stolen properties.

Sub Inspector Nkhwazi has since identified the three as Kumbukani Mitochi, 24, of Tawanga village T/A Mkhumba, Reuben Kanthalo, 26, of Pepala village T/A Jenala and 34 year old Vincent Diness of Tsekakhomo village T/A Jenala, all in Phalombe district.

They are expected to appear in court as soon as investigations are finalised to answer charges of burglary and theft contrary to sections 310 and 278 of the penal code respectively.



  1. Anjateni aziyamba dala, of course am from there bt o in all, this spirit is mountaining in soil of mw. We hav to abolish the spiirit of stealing

  2. Kkkkkkkkkkk Three thieves arrested three men in Phalombe hahahahaaaaa….ndinkanena ine osamathawa nkalasii lero ndiizii kkkkk..Nakomoka Nitileni madzi.

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