Ex-miners asked to push government for their money


Ministry of Youths Sports and Manpower Development has called on ex-miners to show that they want their money instead of government showing more commitment.

The call has been made following complaints from the ex-miners who worked in the mines in South Africa regarding the delay of their compensation and pension.

Ex-miners asked to push government for their money.

In his response, principal secretary for the ministry Joseph Mwandidya said the ministry is the one pushing the former miners instead of the pensioners being at the forefront.

He said the ministry told leaders of the former miners to ask their fellow ex-miners to go to labour offices and fill forms but many of the ex-miners are yet to do so.

According to Mwandidya, government is failing to process the payments because the former miners have not given the ministry details and evidence to show that they worked in the mines in South Africa.

“We are asking the ex-miners to come with application forms so that we should have the full details and evidence on whether they are worthy to receive their payments,” he explained.

He then called on all ex-miners to go to any nearby labour offices to fill the application forms so that the ministry should have their details.

Mwandidya made it clear that if the examiners fail to forward the application forms it will be hard for the ministry to complete the process in good time.



  1. I’m quite sure almost many of them did their part. The remaining part is for them to receive their money.
    ‘Pushing’ – Not good.
    Ex-MYP’s are pushing for what the goverment clearly know its theirs.
    The goverment released figures, and there is no need for ex-miners to go on strike.

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