Children need platform to speak up on abuse – MHRC


Malawi Human Rights Commission (MHRC) says providing a platform where children can be able to voice out issues is the best way of ending various abuses against children in the country.

Director of child rights at MHRC Noris Mangulama Chirwa made the statement after presenting awards to children who did well in an essay competition which was organised by the organisation.

pupils at mbawa school march

Children needs a platform to speak up on abuse.

Chirwa said time has come that children’s voices should be heard more especially on the abuses affecting their daily lives.

She added that children face abuses in their daily lives but do not know where to go or who to tell which results in most of them growing into unproductive citizens.

“Children are not given platform to voice out their concerns or given rights to participate in various groups where they can voice the concerns or in other ways abuses affecting their daily lives,” she explained.

Chirwa went on to say that involving the children to participate in various groups and competitions can be the best way and platform to deal with the abuses faced by children in the country.

She therefore asked and encouraged the education sector and other organisations to assist MHRC by providing a platform for the children to voice out their issues.



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