Malawians destroying each other through social media – Mutharika

Peter Mutharika

President Peter Mutharika has expressed concern over the way Malawians are using social media saying most people use the platforms to destroy their fellow citizens.

Speaking on Sunday during a service at Evangelical Church of Malawi’s Nyasa Mission at Ntambanyama in Thyolo, the president railed at Malawians for using social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter to spread false rumours about other people.

Peter Mutharika
Peter Mutharika: not happy with social media use

The president gave an example of what happened last year when he prolonged his stay in the United States of America after attending the United Nations General Assembly. During Mutharika’s extended stay, some social media users claimed he was critically ill while others said he had died.

Mutharika also spoke against jealousy saying Malawi is no longer the warm heart of Africa since its people now hate each other.

“I think there is too much jealousy in this country for whatever reason. One time we were supposed to be the warm heart of Africa, but I think that heart has become very cold,” he said.



  1. Who can clap hands if there is no electricity in Malawi investors will run away becoz they need electricity ndimanva chisoni ndi dziko langa zoona kukanika kupeleka magetsi kwa anthu ake Ambuye ngati tinachimwa mutukhululukire ngati tikusowa nzeru tipatseni nzeru anthu akunja akutiseka a president athu akunyozeka kamba kosowa magetsi mdziko

  2. Mainly MBC, Malawi Voice & Independent. Some are just revenging

    Madala ngat nanu mmapezeka pa social media nde ndinu ogontha. Mène anthu akudandaulira mène mkuakhomelerera ngarito maslave.

  3. Regrettably for you, Mr. President, because of social media, the people now get to know and share everything about your and the governments antics. We’re sorry this inconveniences you, but, it is imperative that the people realise soon that its government are quite simply crooks, and replace them via the ballot box with a new, more dynamic government who will govern the country for the very same people that put them there. Wake up Malawi, you have the power to change the country for the better, just use your right to vote!

  4. this hatred with APM is now way over the bridge…u hate him with passion.i use social media and its true it is a greater tool of corrupting minds.enanu timawona munaphunzira bwino komabe makomenti mumapeleka ongowononga osati kukonza

    1. u better say d truth mn coz u kno wa d public media d so called MBC hz bcome a private media 4 APM,DDP & d rulin’ coz pipo are asure wa is happanin’ o over d world,dat shud b d reason to blame d social media.shame on u who take evrytin’ imva!

  5. Map the the way forward. Your cabinet is not helping you. What are we achieving as a country? How helpful is your technical colleges? Will the country flood with carpenters and Bricklayer? You have to balance all sectors. What are we going to sell with Bricklayer /carpenters as exports? Why is farming which is the number one sect to bring us forex not be maximised? HAND TO MOUTH METHOD IS THE WAY WE ARE MANAGING OUR GOVERNMENTS

    1. amwene apa pokha mwambwita. … Malawi akufuna anthu aluso. .. kulima ukhoza kumalima. . koma ukakhala ndi luso umaojezera zochita pamoyo. …..

    2. I have said they have to balance all sector. The programme of community Technical colleges is a good move but the Market is already flooded. They have to create a move to be selling our products outside the country osati inu ndi ine tizigulana tokha. Alimi has to be trained also technically and then find markets internationally. Bro, so can see apples uyo tikudya ndi wakunja, oranges akunja we are giving out our money in form of exports. Pamalawi mining ilipo koma sizenizeni zikuchitika pa ground zomwe inu ndi ine tikupindula why? All sectors have to be balanced. Get me this simple economy principle: If supply is high and demand is low, the products are cheap. Anthu awa sitiwatukula baba but kutigwilira ntchito ya bwino malipilo ochepa.

  6. I think what Mr President is saying is true and that is advantage and disadvantage of democracy. We can’t running away this point. Democracy is like those people in the Bible who demanded the man of God that tell your God that what we want is a leader whom we can talk and see him live wall. Don’t tell as the disadvantages of the leader

  7. So U R At It Again! Shmeless. U Cant Even Talk Of Malawi Voice And Mbc In Particular.Who Else In Malaw Doesnt Kno How These Regime Thugs Have Led People Astray.Za Ziii.May B U Never kno, Many People Do That Under Frastrations Tryin To Make Their Cry Heard.U And Ur Party + Mbc R the Ones At Forefront Destroying People.

  8. Mr President, these are those things expected when Ignorance is exposed to something one does not understand about. When a Malawian learns to sort of manage anything, they become big headed, forget or never realize that that something is a creation of some cool, intelligent guy out there. Imagin how pompous a Malawian Aircraft Pilot, Ship Captain, Locomotive or Truck Driver becomes, even with no knowledge, respect or consideration to the INVENTOR/MANUFACTURER.

  9. If you face criticism know that you are the cause. Critiques always shaped the government so amend your way of doing things.

  10. Thus the way it is Malawians destroy each other ,my dream ended in 1988/89,when iand our parents were deported from the southern region of Malawi for merely being atumbuka clan, the pain has never ceased,tears still flow in my heart when isaw my future in education diminishing,my future as a goalkeeper vanishing .a future of a young pilot in the army being robed because you were born a northerner,lost my best friends who most of them were so called southerners .so its not only on madia platforms its in Malawians bones and mind .its sad.

    1. The operation wasn’t targeting you Coz you are atumbuka from northern region.most of you were selfish and nepotism .who favour anyone from northern region in terms of work even places in colleges of Malawi .

    2. mwalira vikuru dada Shawa wa kwa Nuka. Nkhumanya wakuwerenga uko wali. Sumu wasala ndipo wali kusala wekha. A Somanje awa kuwazgola yayi. Vilikuthika awa.

    3. The late President Kamuzu Banda loved all the people and most of the times he said, there is no more Tumbuka, Lomwe, Sena, Yao etc but we are all Malawians. What made the Government under him to do what they did to the Northerners was an extreme NEPOTISM which started dividing the nation and the Government had no choice. It was very sad indeed but it was the only way of solving the problem at that time and mind you there was no opposition party to challenge the decision.

    4. God opened another door somewhere , where you deal with people and the youth who have so much trust and hope to achieve something no matter, how their condition is non racial,non tribal,no colour of the skin is considered,its a blessing where learning has got no limits no matter how old we are getting.

    5. You were just unfortunate bro, ife sanatiyinge bwanji instead timakamwa Fanta Ku state house konweko with yellowbans

    6. You were just unfortunate bro, ife sanatiyinge bwanji instead timakamwa Fanta Ku state house konweko with yellowbans

    7. Nuka he might be right in his opinion.But future can not be detemined coz you live in south or central. Kinna Phiri did well in football and yet he was living in karonga. There4 the place you are sometimes cant determine the future rather what you are able to give to the world.Kamuzu was not like Peter hope you know that he did very many evil things meaning to say it was him and not the chewas, lomwe or sena. KEEP ON MOVING TO YOUR DESTINY

    8. True ,its only an old wound,I’ve already moved on I’ve several career’s which are better than I was hoping for and what am doing now is much more better that my desires when was young am like amult career personality may be to me it was a blessing in disguise rest the matter I loved and still love kamuzu as the best leader but due to those had so much hate it resulted into a such decision,#precious.

  11. this shows that people want to be heard and they are not given opportunity. these are effects of suppression by leaders.

  12. Social media is the only platform where Malawians can express their frustrations since MBC has become the mouthpiece.of DPP. Love it or hate it…social media is here to say and you can ignore it at your own peril….

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