MCP makes inroads into Nsanje


The opposition Malawi Congress Party (MCP) which had been struggling to have access into the lower Shire seems to finally gain ground in the area just a month after the party roped in Sidik Mia.

In a primary election that attracted a lot of people than the past primaries of the party, Lawrence Sitolo has emerged successful to represent MCP in Nsanje Lalanje during the October 17 by-elections after winning the party’s primary election in the constituency.

Sidik Mia

MCP gaining ground because of Mia.

Sitolo won in a landslide victory after amassing 1,648 votes against Timothy Mwelatu who scooped only 17 votes.

According to MCP Director of Elections Maxwell Thyolera, 170 Area committees participated in the election.

He added that the large number of the area committees as well as large turnout at the primary election clearly shows how much ground MCP has gained in the Lower Shire.

Sitolo also contested for the area’s parliamentary seat during the 2014 Tripartite Elections and finished second.

Nsanje Lalanje parliamentary seat fell vacant when Honourable Sam Ganda passed away earlier this year.

Recently, Lower Shire political guru Sidik Mia joined MCP, a development which may boost the party’s popularity in the area.




  1. Good news. MCP is a national party, not family or regional. So it could be good to have it in government come 2019

  2. Tatsika dpp because it is a maizegate party. MCP will rule this country better than the rest of the parties who ruled since the re introduction of multiparty. Other parties, mmmmm too much corruption.