KB official banned for calling on Nyamilandu to resign


…Bullets fined K800,000

The Football Association of Malawi (FAM) has banned for one year a Kamuzu Barracks official for asking the association’s president Walter Nyamilandu to resign.

FAM has fined and banned Kamuzu Barracks Team Manager Francis Shawa after he criticised the association and called for the resignation of its president during an interview following a game between Nyasa Big Bullets and Kamuzu Barracks.

Francis Shawa

Shawa banned.

Nyasa Big Bullets Football Club have also been fined over incidents that happened when the two teams faced each other in the Carlsberg Cup Round of 16 at Chilomoni Stadium on 26th July 2017.

The FA has laid out a year-long ban to Shawa and has fined him K600,000 on two charges leveled against him which the football governing body says had to convene and arrive at weeks ago.

In a statement which Malawi24 has seen which has been signed by FAM’s Secretary General Alfred Gunda, Shawa was found guilty of undermining the FA’s authority in reference to the Cup’s Rules and Regulations Article 24.15 as well as of making statements which the FA believes placed it into disrupt citing Article 24.16.

He has been fined K300,000 on each of the two charges and has been issued with a year-long ban. He has up to the end of the season to pay the fine and 48 hours to appeal.

Malawi24 had earlier quoted him in a post-match interview after his side’s 4-5 loss on post-match penalties saying the FA has failed to manage the game of football in Malawi.

During the same interview he also called for the resignation of FAM president Nyamilandu.

Nyasa Big Bullets Club, however will have to cough K800,000 for pitch invasion at half time and at full time – a charge for which the team has been fined K500,000 – and failure to control its fans from displaying improper conduct as they beat up Kamuzu Barracks’ official Mabvuto Namwada which sees the team paying K300,000.

According to FAM, the incidents showed lack of respect for Articles 24.10 and 24.12 of the Rules and Regulations of the Cup.

Bullets have been asked to adhere to this ruling before their next assignment and have the option of appealing the ruling in the next 48 hours.

During the game, Bullets banked on the heroics of Yamikani Fodya who converted the last penalty of the match after the two sides settled for a one all draw in normal time.



  1. People have asked the state president to step down. Have they been banned? No. What’s special with the FAM president that people can’t ask him to step down for fear of being banned? Zachikale

  2. Any FA could have banned or fined Mr Shawa.. Discipline is a Paramount feature in football.. Freedom goes with responsibility. You insult others and claim to be exercising your freedom of speech? Understand freedom please.

  3. Choti adziwe nyamilandu
    munthu akakhala pampando ndiye otukwanidwayo.
    azitukwanidwa presdent wadziko kumauzidwa achoke pampando!!
    Ndie mudaona atamu panga banned munthu?

    Ndiye walter nyamilanduso ndindani kuti asanenedwe?

    Kukhala ndi anthu ndikulimba ntima kmaso kupilira

    Inu anyamilandu ndiye mupanga ban anthu angati ?
    poti mpira udakamenyedwabe kmaso inuyo mudakachitabe zolephera ndye anthu akusiyani osakutukwanani?
    national team ndi iyi ikukanikayi
    ndiye anthu azingopenya mukupanga zambwelera?

    Katsala kamodzi !! Tichita kukuchotsa ndimiyala

  4. Punishment meted on Mr Shawa by the country’s FA will attract mixed views on the part of supporters because they know or don’t what football football discipline.I remember Sir Alex Ferguson was fined £4,000 for blaming an officiating person for a result which didn’t go his team’s way.So too was Jose Mourihno.By showering insults to the FA gaffer through the media was an issue thought to likely have brought football into disrepute.In football discipline starts with the officials themselves that is guys on the technical panel.As others have already stated football and politics are totally different from each other in as far as discipline is concerned.Every organization has its own ways of instilling discipline to own people.

    • kkkk.Any silly comment about any officiating personnel or football governing body or its official is tantamount to punishment.Indiscipline is not condoned in football.When team wins a match no official talks shit of the FA but when things go the other way.kk

  5. Football will no longer develop In this country unless this so called Nyamilandu kicked out of power. He failed to rule in all circumstances’ of football then he decide to oppress fans not call him down stupidity

  6. kkkkk no sense in nyamilandu he haz no factor in hiz carrier h …iz idyot on..shawa u were rght ti say he shud part wez …fam iz not hiz garden…go nyamilandu ndiwe kazizi opanda phindu

  7. anyamilandu uku ndikupha masewera ampira zomwe mwachitazi ngat sunapite ku xool lingalilan bwino tili munyengo ya democracy not dictating every one has got right to exercing his /her rights

  8. To say the trueth i wanted to #comment on this stuff bt am #afraid i my get #banned too because it seems like whats next is to ban all the people who are against #FAM what do you call the #president bt yaah am #behind what is #called #FREEDOM_OF_EXPRESSION since our #indepents_day 1964 i guess we left other people who need to be #reminded about this is #democratic_malawi and aslong as i here this word #FAM it ends with #MALAWI meaning to say everything #works under democracy and i #dont see areason to #ban someone who #speaks what he #feels like to speak.

  9. The ban on KB official is uncalled for. Even a day old baby knows that the body running football affairs in the country is on the opposite side of efficient. All they know and, act without delay, are fines to football teams. These people at FAM, hire 200+ policemen and women to ensure law and order prevail at matches. A football fan enters the pitch in full view of these overpaid police guys, and all FAM does is fine the club for failure to controll their supporters!!!
    One wonders, should teams go to football grounds with their own security details?? And as if that is not ridiculous enough, these lazy policemen are not paid by FAM, but the very teams FAM milks!!!
    The national team, The Flames, is another comedy unfolding year in, year out. To ensure the football fraternity in the country do not get bored, the gods at FAM go to Europe and scout for a shoe repairer to orchestrate the Flames Comedy!!
    Now, looking at the above senarios, would calling for the resignation of the man heading this organistion lacking football management skills, really warrant banning somebody?? What should the people that pay at stadia gates to watch matches do?? Clap hands and sing praises??
    Teams in Malawi are hardly sponsored. The few that get anywhere near sponsorship, do not have in their budgets, a line for crowd trouble fines. These fines must go to the people brewing the trouble, after all, they are identifiable!! But due to laziness by both the Police and their paymasters at FAM, clubs are easy targets for their obscene fines!!

  10. mphavu imeneyo akuitenga kuti? mpaka 1 year ban? koma pachilungamo.nyamilandu akuenera kutula pasi udindo! naneso sindikondwera naye,iyeyu akusokoneza football mmalawi!

  11. Hahahahaha munthu akalankhula walakwitsa? Kunena zoona bwalo limene lija silimayenera kuchita host match ngati imeneija, muli ndi mwayi chifukwa idawina ndi BB koma ikadawina KB mukadaona!!! Football administration is worse in Malawi!!!

  12. According to FIFA football is game of peace.
    No matter what rank or position you hold at a particular club whether military or civilian respect for those who run the FA is a must.
    He is lucky to be given a one year ban he deserved more years.
    Being in the military he would have been exemplary.
    This kind of military talk brings hate among players and officials which can erupt into a war.
    Thumbs up FAM for bringing sanity to these military officials.

    • U ar making a big mistake, this dude is not saying this on a military basis but as a frustrated football follower just like me and u, Walter will take us nowhere in as far as football is concerned

    • Olivian Pagone this is not about Walter but the integrity of a team manager.
      Walter has failed as the FA president that is true but his term of office has not expired to deserve an early exit.

    • Mwase dont intimidate your friend with your baseless comment here he is expresing his opinion and i see nothing wrong with his coment above. Just Condemn him amicably by advising him what is suposed to be done but not reaching to the point of saying musamaphatikize za mpira ndi military zizakuvutani " that statement is daft and never say it again. nobody is above the law.

  13. As far as i know FAM, its Better to privatising this group . ndatopa ndi zosatila zawo zomvesa malungu . mostly this (FAM) president. ayi ndithu.

  14. And I say it again, Nyamilandu and his team must step down/resign. They have brought the game of football into disrepute. We are tired of their unsporting behaviour and fines. Is Walter Nyamilandu a god in the football circles? Yes, you must resign, you can also ban me if you want.

  15. hahaha ngati kuti tinawinako AFCON mu ulamuliro wa Walter. Or ka COSAFA kamatipeta. This is a reason enough to conclude that the KB official was right. #Walterresign.

  16. this is alter nonsense, why only in malawi football is moving backward,? #nyamilandu you are the biggest fool in the world, you have failed ndipo you ve to resign as soon as possible

  17. Where is our freedom of speech now, this so called water nyamilandu and his FAM administration they’re virus now poisoning our entire football, pliz Bingu administration rescue our football.

  18. M’malawi sazazindikira mpaka kale kale.Ine sindikumvetsa Democracy pa mpira? Pamenepa mukufuna kunena chani?.Ooh kapena mufuna muziyambitsa zitsokonezo m’mipira chifukwa kuli democracy?.Kumpiratu sichowopsesera anthu amene aja ndimasewero,osati anthu azilephera kukaonera mipira chifukwa chazitsokonezo.Nyamilandu atule pansi udindo chifukwa choti FAM ikupele zilango kumateam osokoneza?.Kumpira kumapita ena oti sali mbali iliyonse yateam,ndiye aziopa kukaonera mipira?.Nthawi zina anthuni muzimvetsa zinthuzi.Team yosafuna kulipira,isamayese dala kuyambitsa zitsokonezo,ndipo ndalazo zimachepa,azionjezere.KUMPIRA SIKOWOPSESERA ANTHU.

  19. Sizamuyaya Adzazisiya Anthu Amanena Mtsogoleri Wadziko!Ndiye Kungonena Wa Fam Basi Ampatse Ban?Kulephera Mr Nyamilandu Palibe Chomwe Mukupanga Mumpira Pa Malawi!

  20. The main problem with Malawian football is not Fam but clubs themselves. I wonder how people who follow European teams like Man U and Liverpool blame their coaches and the executive members for failing to recruit good quality players and then back home they blame fam for clubs’ failure to recruit quality players. But it’s none of my business anyway

  21. ngati mutharika akudzudzulidwa poyera koma salimbana nawo nde kanyamilandu nkandani?iyaaa zandinya ndipo atulepansi udindo…..hahaha tidzudzule kuti nyamilandu azipsa mtima

  22. Sindikuvesesa ma comments ena kodi team ikaluza ndi Nyamilandu? team siinasunge mwambo ndi Nyamilandu, ? mwangolowesapo ndale ndi udani wa kwamakolo a Bullets nenani zina zilango zimakupezani kaamba ka uchitsilu kusadziwa udindo wanu pa masewera mumatenga ngati ndeu musade Nyamilandu

  23. I believe kuti FAM officials are dictators, why banning the KN officials?
    Inenso ndikuti Nyamilandu achoke for he iz the one akupititsa mpira pansi kwathu kuno.

  24. Ngakhale ku mangalande official wa team akayankhula zosakhala bwino amapatsidwa chilango. Ngakhale ma official a team akakana kuyankhula ndi atolankhani ndi mlandu. So Shawa anaonjeza, he deserves punishment. Koma punishment yo yakula.

  25. Nde mu banner angati? FAM embrace democratic principles, and be accommodative respect dissenting views otherwise you’re sending wrong signals by becoming too dictatorial remember we are in democratic dispensation.

  26. Kodi FAM paja pano ikugwira tchito yanji pa Malawi pano?, makape nddipo kukhala inetu osapereka ndalamazo tione kuti afika nazo pati

  27. FAM has goofed up at issuing a useless ban on Shawa for expressing his views.Calling Nyamilandu,the out of steam FAM President to resign ,doesn’t warrant a ban.

  28. Water Nyamilandu must resign he has done his part and failed miserably to manage football affairs in Malawi. National team nd I iyo ingoluza. We need a administration. Thus my opinion

  29. Abale kodi kumupiraku kulibe ziwonesero? kodi kumupira kulibe democracy yalankhula? Ku politics wamukulu akapanga chiganinzo chorakwika ma (NGO) pompo ziwonesero bwanji kumupira? kodi m’malawi mulibe wanzeru kuposa nyamilandu? amalawi okonda zamasewero tiyeni tichitepo kathu.

  30. Where on earth is this nonsense tolerated? I guess only Malawi Football. So many people have been calling Malawi President to resign, did he ban those people from Politics or parliament? Even FIFA President at one point was called to resign, were those people banned? President Zuma was called to resign, did he ban those people? May be there is a clause in FAM constitution which says if you ask FAM President to resign you shall be banned for one year? Where is FAM getting powers to ban critics?

  31. That’s foolish FAM tulani pasi azanu ayeseko kodi azeru ndinunokha kodi kunena chilugamo zithu sizikuyenda athu akatsutsa mawa bana is that’s a solution

  32. I Hate Nyamilandu Most I Don’t Understand Y He Is Still Incharge Of Fam Kod Kukolola Kuja Ankanena During The Time Of Elections They Were Tryng To Mean Getting Funds Thru Punishng Teams?

  33. thus unfair remember we are in democratic country…… where is freedom of expression?. ……. calling someone to resign it’s not a wrong thing bullshit fam

  34. Fam ikubwera ndi zigamulo zosemphana ndi Mpira koma wazidani ngakhale Peter muthalika amauzidwa ndi anthu kuti atule pasi udindo koma sitinamvepo kuti munthu olankhulayo wapatsidwa chilango apa zikuonetseratu kuti ulamulo wa Fam ndiwankhanza

  35. Foolish fools of FAM…is really this a democratic malawi where ppo r to speak their minds….kodi mukuzitenga ngati za kumtundu eti?Nyamilandu must fall..ban me again in malawi

  36. if this is true then I can now agree with the KB official that Nyamilandu is killing football in Malawi, this will not take our football anywhere, but Nyamilandu has somewhere to go the earlier the better

  37. Vuto a Fam amadana ndichilungamo…nanga walakwa chani Francis Nthukwa Shaba…mwana waaNanjunga??? Maule mumawatenga ngati munda wanu oti muzikololerapo chuma…koma zonsezi Mulungu akuona.No wonder our National team is not perfoming kamba ka ma administrator ake amenewa.

  38. That’s not fair! Is there any freedom of speech here! Challenge this verdict in the court of laws they can reverse this! Yes it’s football not politics, but follow court assistance to be heard!

  39. Football isn’t politics if u fail to do yo part don’t blame someone on yo failures I think sometimes we just do things or say some things outa of jealousy…..Giving Shawa a one yr ban in think it’s a gud way to go we should learn to respect those in big positions if we admire those posts then let’s wait for our appointed time to take over those positions rather than insulting them for nothing…

    • #Francis Da Silver…thanx for yo comment that’s my opinion though which if u were wise enough I think u culd jst respect it than attackin yo fellow bro…thank u!!!

    • If u nah hapi with his administration then jst go n remove him from the office If the law is mandating u to do so that is but if not then not then I think tge best way for us is to wait untill his tenure of office xpires that can be wise enough

    • This type of philosophy will make FAM leadership more dictatorial and if he has failed nobody should be punished for calling for his resignation. Football standards in Malawi have deteriorated than 20 years ago. I support the idea that FAM president should resign.

    • He isn’t life time President but u shuld follow the right procedure if u wanna remove him from his position if he was put into power thru votes then let the same votes remove him from that position… words can’t be enough let’s be civilised

    • Zifa Mumba Mark, I may not reach 8, but here are a few failures that instantly come to mind. The National team is a failure, this is FAM’s baby; lack of football grounds in Blantyre, when the current FAM President was still playing at SUCOMA and Wanders, we had, BAT Ground, ESCOM Ground, MDC Ground, and there were lesser grounds for lower teams: Sedi Admarc, Ferries Ground, Chiwembe, Poly Ground, all in playable conditions. What has the current FAM leadership, in your view done to increase the number of grounds?? Today, teams based in Blantyre, have to resorr to Balaka Community ground as their “home” ground!! You wish us to believe this is success? How about football development, women football who recently had a Presidential cup final where no single FAM official was present?? The recent U-17 debacle where our boys wore shameful attires, jersey No.15, Short No.5, you see this as progress??

    • Man waitha ine ndilibeso mau. Mpira sindale he must learn somethings and why their are too busy with football? Kkkkkkk asilikali aku Malawi kuonga ndalama zaboma for nothing. I add u another two years ban and I will send to DRC usaonekenso mMalawi umo, to the lover of football I rest my case.

  40. Mwayambo a FAM kufuna kukokera. Mpaka 800, 000 mukufuna ma player adzikusewerera inu mudzidya ndalamazo. Munthu kudandaula ndi kulakwa ndiye mpaka 600,000 komatu Olira samutseka pakamwa tengani mudye ndalamazo koma tsoka kwa iwo odyera a mphawi.

  41. No sense in banning the official, let FAM not runaway from addressing the shortfalls that made the official utter such words. We have freedom of expression in this country.

  42. This idiot you call nyamilandu should indeed resign watikwana…..FAM yonse ithesedwe pali choperekera ban APA agalu inu