Malawian women advised to be active

Malawian have been advised to stop underestimating themselves and to be active in all developmental activities.

Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) Director of Women in the Southern Region Bertha Nachuma gave the advice on Thursday in the commercial city of Blantyre when she had a meeting with women on developmental activities.

She said women play a vital role in as far as developing this country is concerned and there is need for them to be active.

She continued by saying that the only problem with women is that instead of being active on development, they are always busy gossiping a thing which she condemned.

“Am encouraging all the women in Malawi to be active and to refrain from being involved in gossiping. They should be loving, active and humble for the betterment of our country, Malawi.

“I always tell these ladies that a leading light is the first lady, Madam Gertrude Mutharika who is always busy with developmental activities and I advise them to follow suit with the first lady,” advised Nachuma.

She further highlighted the need for women in the country to go for cervical cancer test saying it helps to reduce number of women dying of the disease.




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