More lions coming to Malawi


The South Africa based conservation Non-Governmental Organization, African Parks, is expected to bring more lions into the country this year.

According to African Parks, the initiative is aimed to increase animal population in Wildlife Reserves and boost tourism.

LionAfrican Parks said this on Thursday, August 10 amid commemoration of the World Lion day.

The organisation said the reintroduction of lions from South Africa into Majete in 2012 was crucial to the overall restoration of the park, benefitting not only wildlife but also tourism which has generated income for communities.

“We are celebrating a pride restored this World Lion Day! Just five years ago, Majete Wildlife Reserve was devoid of all lions, but we are proud to share that today their pride is growing.

“Over the years, poaching took its toll and there were zero reports of lions in the region since the 1980s,” the organisation said on Facebook.

The organisation further said that where wildlife thrive, people thrive too hence the need to take care of the animals.

This follows the successful translocation of over 500 Elephants from Majete Game Reserve and Liwonde National Park to Nkhotakota Game Reserve and Nyika National Park.

Recently, African Parks also brought into the country Cheetahs from South Africa which are currently at Liwonde National Park.



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