Distribution of coupons to start next month

Fertiliser subsidy malawi

The Malawi government has said it will start distributing coupons for this year’s Farm Input Subsidy Program (FISP) in September.

Confirming the development to the local media was spokesperson for the Ministry of Agriculture, Irrigation and Water Development Osborne Tsoka.

Fertiliser subsidy malawi
Distribution of coupons to start next month.

Tsoka said preparations for the distribution exercise are at an advanced stage and come September, the ministry will start distributing coupons.

The publicist further added that the exercise will roll out earlier to address some of the challenges usually faced when implementing the program.

Last year, farmers in the country received their coupons at the end of November which was criticised by various quarters including the Catholic Commission for Justice and Peace (CCJP).

CCJP through its national secretary Martin Chiphwanya said the delay in distributing coupons negatively affected farmers who rely on the coupons.



  1. Why can’t government invest money into production/ commercial farming? than in substance farming which is resulted to be consumed, no any foreign currency in?

  2. I lost hope with this programme because it benefits wrong people. This programme is good but it is misused. Poor people are manipulated. People who are involved in distribution of coupons and working at fertilize selling points are misusing this programme believe me

  3. hohohohohoho ndale izooooo!!!the past two years anthu avutika heavy nde pano mukut chan.?kkkkkkk ife stiiwar mwatunzunza kokwana akanganya

  4. Its a welcome idea bt whats so good 2 receive a coupon in september & u buy fertilizer in January or february? distribution of fertilizer is always a problem due 2 poor management in government

  5. Stop the nosense go for a universal subsidy period. We are tired of this politically inclined so called subsidy

  6. M’malawi sazatheka.Kulandila Coupon lero m’mawa akuigulitsa,ena amapezelatu ogula asanalandile.Boma likamaliza ma Id kupangila anthu,chonde chaka chammawa pofunika Coupon iliyonse izikhala ndi chithunzi chamwini wake,apa mbali ina izatha kuthandiza kugwira anthu achinyengo,chifukwa kuli mafumu ena omwe amagulitsa ma Coupon anthu ovutika.

  7. Useless project most of the times it doesn’t reach the intended beneficiary who have nothing and end up selling them

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