Writers urged to focus on local languages

Writers in country have been asked to focus on writing their books in Malawi’s local languages with the aim of communicating various messages to the masses.

The call was made on Thursday by Minister of Civic Education, Culture and Community Development Cecilia Chazama during the launch of Malawi’s Book Festival in Malawi’s capital, Lilongwe.

Chazama requests all authors to write in vernacular languages.

In her remarks, Chazama requested all authors to write in vernacular languages such as Chichewa, Tumbuka and Yao to help local Malawians to easily read and understand the books.

The minister said that a book is a strong symbol of freedom of expression hence a great tool to adopt ideas from different people on how to develop a country.

Chazama stressed that if many books can be written in local languages, illiterate women who are exploited can know their rights through reading such books and can be making sound approaches against people who take advantage of their illiteracy.

She said this when she was appreciating efforts of women from Namisa reading club from Lunzu who were also present at the opening ceremony.

Speaking at the same function, National Librarian at National Library Services Grey Nyali said the book industry has been greatly challenged and affected by the dominance of televisions.

Nyali further said that reviving the industry and reading culture depends on parents’ efforts to read with their kids, listen to their children reading and take their kids to the library or buy books and put them in their homes.

The festival which is under the theme “A book at home: a partner for life” has been organised by Book Publishers Association of Malawi (BPAM) and will take place from 10 -12 August.

The aim of the festival is to bring together book writers, publishers and librarians to discuss how best to promote reading culture in Malawi.






  1. Yep thats it how come every programme in english, why can’t u just take exemplary of some media out of this country everything is in their local language, strange things, ur failing to promote own musician but busy playing music out side of country, go around in southafrica u will neve hear any song in their media from malawi. Even in soccer comments always in english, we know we developed countries but eish mwaonjeza.

  2. Yakuwona, mambo ngati akasagwire ma sukulu nikwigyanya kalembo ka iwechetoyo kuti mabukugyo gyalembedwe mwa mti amta wanache atande kulidyigyanya

  3. It does appear here that these people urging our writers to write in vernacular languages are missing it big time! The only vernacular language taught in our schools is chichewa/ chinyanja and there is no other apart from this. So what are these other languages that can just be written for Malawians to read without them being taught the same in school? Even the writers, how are they going to do it because they haven’t learnt these languages in school themselves? Infact, I want to think that those that read literature by our local authors are not complaining. If it is an issue of disseminating messages to the rural masses, most of whom are illiterate, those that are entrusted with the task of civic educating people should play their role by interpreting orally, where need be, the messages carried in the literary works for the benefit of the people.

  4. English should not give problem for one to get msce local language priority and tidzimva zinthu bwino, ife sudzidzukulu dza queen ayi

  5. our target is to reach out 2 international market. who is gonna read our vanacular language out there? have u taken leave of ur senses may b?

  6. Malawi 24 dzana lapitali mesa pa border paja CEO uja amati amalawi otuluka azipangidwa enterview ya chingerezi coz akumakavutika chiyankhulo kwa eni?ndiye apa mukuti chani?Dziko la Malawi ndilosautsa

  7. U dont expect people to write in their langauges,yet they dont learn their langauges at school.How they going to write it,go get help before it get out of hand…this is why chewas think they are superior

  8. Malawi is British tellitory koma zimadabwisa kuti munthu wochokera kuzikoli chizungu saziwa chozungu anta olo pango’o.Zikumachitisa izi ndimfundo zanu zopusazi.Wanthu wamafunsa kuti kodi kwanu kupatula zilankhulo zanu mumalankhula Chilankhulo chanji potengera ndimmene zimawavutira amalawi.Musinthe

  9. What’s wrong with u, English is a common languge on the world, so if u say so,what about 4 those the don’t know even chichewa reading and writing? can say what.MWITHA 2.

  10. Tsaono azungufe mutithandiza bwanji?

    Tsono azungufe munatipheja tani?

    Manje thina abelungu nizosisiza kanjani?

    How will you take care of us the whites?

  11. Izi ndiye ndizoona azilemba muziyankhulo zathu atleast in Chichewa , asamalembe mu Chizungu ngati akulembera aku UK or America, akamafunaso kulemba English amalemba yovuta kuti munthu owerenga atanthauzile imativuta

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