MRA impounds Kwezy buses

Malawi Revenue Authority

The Malawi Revenue Authority (MRA) on Thursday seized four buses belonging to Kwezy Buses over fraud.

Malawi Revenue Authority
Two of the seized buses

The tax collection body said the owner of the buses, Benson Vitsitsi, presented false documents during clearance of the vehicles.

This comes days after the buses were inaugurated into the business industry and started operating on the roads of Malawi on Monday this week.

Confirming the development was MRA Head of Corporate Affairs, Steven Kapoloma who said the seizure is on suspicion that Vitsitsi presented false or falsified documents during clearance of the same contrary to the provisions of the Customs and Excise Act.

“Bank documents presented to MRA by  Vitsitsi, purportedly being remittance documents to the supplier of the buses in China, are alleged to have been false or falsified,” said Kapoloma.

According to Kapoloma, the four buses are currently being kept at MRA offices in Blantyre and Lilongwe “as the Authority conducts further verifications regarding the allegation.”



  1. The problem in Malawi is that when you are not connected with the right people you struggle to do proper business. When will we let the local operate freely and discuss things as matured and responsible citizens?

  2. If i were the owner I’d Seriously sue Malawi24 on defamatory grounds sure a eni ake ama bus puliz sue these people!! Azajaira!

  3. By the fact of being a Malawian eeeee ndichiphinjo dziko lokomera osauka the moment u start kupeza cash u are in for it

  4. Sabotage!
    Let the business flourish n the confiscations later!
    Mr brown, evetime i plant a seed he kills it before it grows!

  5. its pathetic to hear this,,,,how can they turn against fellow Malawian like this??? if the buses are not travelling,how will be the money they want to steal be found,…its pitty,release the buses for our fellow hardworking Malawian..MRA must learn that it was formed to be a burden to people,…release the buses

  6. Zinazo kumbali,ku malawi misonkho yafika pena komanso za insurance yokakamizazi zayamba kukayikitsa,ma company a insurance tiwaunikile kawiri.

    1. Ine kwa ine i say a road traffic adzipanga zawo,insurance izikhala choice ya munthu otherwise all these so called insurance companies akutilima heavy.

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