Govt adamant on maize ban


Despite Malawi having excess maize following a bumper harvest in the 2016/17 farming season, government has said that no maize should be exported outside the country.

Malawi government has urged all maize traders to sell their maize to Agricultural Development and Marketing Corporation (ADMARC).

Maganga says govt will lift the ban after it has reserved enough maize.

In a statement issued by Ministry of Agriculture and signed by its principal secretary Erica Maganga, government has said it will only lift the ban on maize export after it has reserved enough maize for Malawians.

“The Government wishes to announce that with immediate effect the Agricultural Development and Marketing Corporation (ADMARC) and the National Food Reserve Agency (NFRA) will purchase maize from all traders.

“It is further announced that maize exports will only be allowed after the NFRA has purchased enough maize to satisfy the Strategic Grain Reserve (SGR) requirement,” reads the statement.

Maize in the country is abundant which is triggering fears of low prices on the market.

Due to high supply on the market, it is likely that buyers will have an advantage of bidding for lower prices making farmers losers at the end.

Some quarters have been urging government to lift the ban on maize export so that they should sell their grain at good prices outside the country.

Earlier this year President Peter Mutharika deployed Malawi Defence Soldiers (MDF) to guard the entry points of the country so that crops such as maize should not be smuggled outside of the country.

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