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By August 10, 2017

National referee George Azizi Nyirenda has been suspended for two months by the Northern Region Referees Committee for match fixing.

According to a statement from the committee, Nyirenda received K15, 000 from Nchalo United in order to help the club win a Carlsberg Cup Round of 32 match against Chitipa United which he was officiating.

The game was played at Mzuzu Stadium on 13th July, 2017 and Chitipa United won through post-match penalties.

Things got worse when Nchalo United officials confronted Nyirenda to give them back the money after the defeat but the referee only gave back K10, 000.

A disciplinary committee which was chaired by FIFA referee Mavuto Msimuko on 22nd July found Nyirenda guilty of corruption.

Nyirenda was also accused of bringing the game of football into disrepute and has therefore been suspended for 2 months from all refereeing activities.

Other referees Limbani Chisambi, Stephano Gomani and Jimmy Phiri who were also part of the syndicate have been suspended from all refereeing activities for 4 months.

The referees have since been given two weeks to appeal the ruling and have been warned that the cases involve corruption which is criminal in nature.

This is the second time for Nyirenda to be punished and banned from officiating games as he was also banned last year.




  1. Good mbuzi izi ndizimene zimapangitsa kuti mpira usamapite patsogolo kumalawi kuno

  2. Thako Lakuda says:

    Joseph Kamwendo adalandra redcad coz of corruption yomweyo kt nd game yaBullets asalowe,,,lero nd uyu wachtaso nd Mchalo,,,tinene kt mulanduu mngwaung’ono,,,ACB paja idathesedwa et…? paja DPPACB,, ikumanga andale okha kae komaso otsutsa DPP…nkhan iyi ACB ikunera kulowerera,,AZIZI NYIRENDA skoyamba aka….

  3. Which r these fixed matches?

  4. Just fired him once please i beg

  5. Kod za george chaponda zilipati pano?

    • free man in worlds nr 1 corruption malawi u thought chaponda will be arrested nop thats why they grant warrant of arrest to jb to divert pipos attention bwanpini and his crue

  6. He should have been suspended for life.

  7. Afufuzenso za pa Balaka Stadium: Wanderers agains Mafco mu Carlsberg cup round of 16, palinso ka fungo pamenepa

  8. Nchalo United nayo ikuyenela kulandila chilango coz ndi yomwe yapangitsa Azizi kulandila chilango.

  9. Since its corruption, acb loading

  10. Nde kumalawiko thus why Moira suukutukuka

  11. Zude says:

    ACB arrest this idiot and those who offered him bribes,this is a straightforward issue.

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