Murder suspect on bail rapes step-daughter

Rape Malawi

A 47-year-old man on bail for murder has been arrested in Ntcheu for raping his 13-year-old step-daughter.

According to Ntcheu police publicist Hastings Chigalu, the suspect MacDonald Chautsi committed the crime on Tuesday at Jolijo village in the district.

Chigalu said that on this fateful day, the victim’s mother left for church leaving behind the daughter while the husband was away.

The suspect was the first to arrive back home and he immediately instructed the victim to go for a bath.
He later told her to follow him in the house and while there, the evil stepfather raped the girl.
When the mother got back home, the child told her about the rape.

The mother later took the issue to the village headman who alerted the police of the matter.
Medical examination at Ntcheu District Hospital revealed that the girl was indeed raped and that she had been sexually abused on several occasions in the past.

Chautsi who is also answering murder charges and is on High Court bail, has been remanded to Ntcheu Prison.

The suspect hails from Saidi village, Traditional Authority Kwataine in the district and is expected to answer the charge of defilement which is contrary to Section 138 of the Penal Code.



  1. Malawi does it again he was granted bail the do what go and find the body of the deceased like I can’t even understand this rubbish. A murder has nothing to lose they know their fate is sealed life in prison or the needle and you let such a person roam into a community.

  2. vuto ndiloti anthuwa amawanamiza kuti akatero apeza chuma, nde bola akatero kundendeko asakabweleso ngati mchuma akapangira komweko.

  3. Sakulakwitsa,,,iye akudzwa kt moyo wake ndwokathera kundende ndie sangaope kupalamula mulandu wnw,,,mumvaso kt wapha wna,,,

  4. then just chop his balls off in a mob justice style!!!!!!!!!!

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