University of Malawi unbundled: Colleges to be new standalone universities

University of Malawi

There is no university of Malawi anymore.

President Peter Mutharika has reportedly ordered the much anticipated unbundling of the University of Malawi (Unima), Malawi24 has learnt.

Peter Mutharika
Mutharika ordered the unbundling of the University of Malawi.

Calls for the move arose with arguments that the colleges were operating insufficiently.

However some quarters believed the move would mean the colleges will be spending a lot of money.

The move now means that the Chancellor College, Kamuzu College of Nursing (KCN), College of Medicine (CoM) and the Polytechnic will now be independent.

Mutharika previously expressed commitment to look into views of the proponents of the unbundling. This has stalled for over three years until now when his office has nodded to the call.

Years ago, the Bunda College became independent of Unima to turn into the Lilongwe University of Agriculture and Natural Resources (LUANAR).

We have more reaction to this to follow.



  1. Malawi is currently the only countrue that wont have a government owned college… You are forgetting that if they become independent they are not part of the budget and to composate they will need to bump up the fees which will put the underprivileged in a tight spot and that’s a bright mind gone to waste. This solution only focuses on the now but what about later two, three years from now. If the management was not working try a new strategy and if that fails get new people to get the job done. I love Malawi and even as an expatriate I constantly put it on the map it would be nice to read an artice that makes you nostalgic about home

  2. ine ndale ai koma zikungooetseratu kuti boma lapaano lakanika kuyendetsa dziko lino mene limayenera kukhalira, tivomereze mopanda kuzikundikira coz zikuchitika apazi ndi zachilendo ndithu.

  3. why doing that? zidzatibweretsera mavuto posachedwapa,mukugawanisa Malawi, its only Malawi where people fighting for opportunities in education, but other countries its not like that, opportunities are shared equally

  4. This is so that the president is no longer the Chancellor. Your on your own folks. Begin to practice the creativity you preach.

  5. Nice decision, . zotsekatseka xul ztha apa,, chtsanzo nd LUANAR.,smatsekatseka coz imaima payokha siimalowa za ndale geri yawo., big up!! tphunzred a Malawi mwachangu apa,,

  6. At the end of APM’s tenure, malawi wil be a different country. Everythng gona be in a new shape! Koma JCE yokha pliz Dr Chakwela muzayesese izabwelenso in 2019 pliz pliz

  7. this z very gud idea.trivial issues at chanco used to hault operations in other colleges.cudos peter!

  8. Will the so called universities be equally distributed in all the three regions? How about quota system, is this not it’s abolishment? Each Univeserty will have it’s own head office, this will create jobs and increase expenditure at the same time, hence there will be a fee hike the so called unbandle universities running. In a nutshell this move is good though bad. But it is bad though good.

  9. Management was so poor and complex because it makes no sense to have one college closed on salary issue while others working yet all belonging to the same university council….. A nice move torwards the world class education…… Arizona state university, yale university, etc never heard of university of USA

    1. Hahahahahaha Chichiri state university, Chilunga state university, Luanar state university don’t forget Mzuzu state university.

    2. U dont even know the difference between America and United states Of america…. No wonder you cant also know the difference between Unima and Arizona state University….. Educated ignorant kaya mmat walapa kaya

  10. Thats all foolishness, where had you been then with your that cack knowledge of changing things? Tomorrow we will here that you have changed the name of country malawi to Ndata nation.Sham on you you just accept every thing without knowing whichi is bad and good.

  11. It only takes real smart scientists to turn theory into practical not politicians. You never built even one university but making changes on what your friends has built is madness

  12. Bunda in a good example of this the outcome is great enrollment is better strikes reduced…….good. idea akati 4yrs umaliza school izikhaladi 4yrs

  13. This decision has to go through parlianment and i believe transition period will be there with a body to oversee this change in line with government policies on higher education.I know this will entail more funding to enable some colleges to reach a level of university but lets be progressive.

  14. Kkkk pathological hatred @katswiri .Please note that decisions are made at university council level based on the reasons given.This decision will benefit everyone can u remember Bunda was under unima.Go there today u will be amazed with infrastructure development and the increased number of students the college is enrolling.For quality it will remain there because remember we have NCHE which is responsible for accrediting of university programs.

  15. Guys ine ndi sindkumvetsa, kaya mwina kusageraku. Koma sizikundimvekera bho mmakutumu. Nde tiziti zikhala bwino or bad? I loved ‘university of Mw’. Tribalism ikubukansotu apa. No offence Atumbuka, but it will positively or negatively affect you.

  16. This is lack of administering sign of failure

    This will be for 2 or 3 years only we will vote for another Gvt everything will come to normaly

  17. A sign of failing Head of state,this is not a welcomed idea since will invite a lot of problems,e.g tribalism.

  18. My very immediate reaction will be ”Congratulations govt! Quality as well as quantity will be easily improved in our institutions of higher learning, with this move.” Chanco – Chilumba University, Poly – Chichiri Engineering University, College of Medicine & KCN – Kamuzu University of Medicine,Nursing & Health Research.

  19. nde tiziti chan? Chichiri University, Chikanda University….etc??….lol. on a serious note though. while the unbundling thing is generally a relatively idea, this transition is no walk in the park, i.e rearrangements of positions and the like, massive financial resources will be needed. Oh and give us good names please

  20. nde tiziti chan? Chichiri University, Chikanda University….etc??….lol. on a serious note though. while the unbundling thing is generally a relatively idea, this transition is no walk in the park, i.e rearrangements of positions and the like, massive financial resources will be needed. Oh and give us good names please

    1. we r in this country together or if u r outside….one day u will come back my man….things r changing and if u dont like the change then u can stay on the same position alone.

  21. I dint like the idea coz the structures do not qualify to be stanalone universities. Even kamuzu knew that he called then university of malawi when summed up.

  22. One day we will see each region having their President, eg President of central region, their after we will see each district having it’s own President, eg President of mulanje ruling united States of mulanje, Malawi is dividing into pieces,you will see each college will be dominated by the tribe based where the college is,things fallen apart. Mind you Malawian’s the countries where education is higher there is no such mistakes, we do see university of Ghana, university of Kenya, university of south Africa, university of Zambia just to mention a few,

    1. the argument u have advanced is an example of a slippery slope fallacy. while its true that delinking of unima means rhat each college is independent, it doesn’t mean rhat the region and district will follow the same course… infact the move to unbundle may not be as political as ur a implying.

    2. In Korea it start with simple things like that u called fallacy n’ turn into politics whereby now they are sharing power and its south n’ north Korea with differences,Africa is with pain due to such mistakes, believe me with their be no change in quality of education the better they can see into it to the carricullum

    3. LEAVE Politics aside. Let Poly,Chanco, KCN and College of medicine be autonomous entities, universities as has become of Bunda College… Now LUANAR. Has LUANAR shamed us? Our comments and reasoning should emanate from LUANAR,MUST and MZUNI as case studies. Cease to be fallacious!

  23. Good!So no University office,redtape reduced, resources saved! Lets wait & see if this will up the craved quality & efficiency!

  24. This is the good development bcoz each college will start practising favourtism on its own depending on where the principal is coming from. Wa Poly akakhala waku DZ ndiye kuti the whole poly dominated by Dedzanians.

  25. The idea is good because it will bring competitions among the colleges hence enhancing quality education.Big up government for this best point.

  26. No more beautiful acronym “Unima” that stood for the whole country. I support the unbundling of the institution. Each constituency college will solve its own affairs. Quality of deliveries will be achievable. No more persistent strikes that diluted quality education. Thank you govt for thinking fast.

    1. Even in the bible ,it has been written there is tym to plant and tym to harvest, I don’t think every on earth will be like it was time ,situations do changes,why not unbundling unima

  27. good byee university strikes, good byee political intervention into university administration for political mileage,,,,,,,, we are off to government reforms,,,,,,,,,, 180km/hour

  28. it’s a good ideology ….this is one way of shunning from chain strikes etc. Each college will be responsible enough with quality of education & competence. Let’s try it.

    1. ESCOM was unbundled. Is it working? The government motivated politicians officials are trying to hide their failers in this.

    2. Worst of money and the country still likely to ho down as much…poor thinking. There is no money there so do they think students will pay that? More over forget about internal students,it’s a start to end that too. Ohoo

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