Revealed: South African artist recorded with Dan Lu, Kcee before his death


South African multi-talented entertainer recorded a song with Malawian Dan Lu and Nigerian Kcee before he lost his life on 4th August, Malawi24 has learnt.

Dumi Masilela, who was until his death playing an acting role in one of South Africa’s top television soaps, Rhythm City, lost his life when the anticipation was growing for the unreleased music collaboration.

A few days before he was shot in an attempted car highjacking that led to his death, a publicity video for the song bearing his face went viral on social media.

“Sweet banana, sweet banana, Dan Lu, Dumi, Kcee. Malawi, Nigeria, South Africa, to the world,” said Dumi in the video clip


Dumi Masilela did a song with Dan Lu and KCee before his death.

In a telephone interview with Malawi24 on Monday, Dan Lu made the revelation. He also shared their next step with the project following the demise of Masilera.

“We did a song called Love, with Dumi before his death. It’s sad that events have taken such a twist but we may have other plans for the project,” said Dan Lu

The Sweet Banana Star said they will shoot a video for the song and the departed hero’s part will be filled with his images.

Love is Dan’s third major international music collaboration having worked with Kcee and Flavour, on separate projects last year. His first project with the former, Sweet Banana, took Africa by storm last year with the buzz yet to die down.

Since going international, he has been having frequent music performances in South Africa.



  1. South Africa siyachilendo kupha anthu ake a Luso… anayamba Dube,Senzo Meyiwa lero ndi mwanau ine ndilikuno kuMalawi dziko la umphawi koma la mtendere.. May his sorry rest in peace.

  2. Chinthu chimodzi chomwe chimandigwetsa nkhongono nchakuti, dzilo la malemu akutchulidwa m’nkhaniyi silimakha n’chidwi ndikukhamba za maselebu am’mayiko ane mu afirika muno, koma iwowo zikawachitikila ndeyaaaaa. Fokofu!

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