Chaponda’s case stalled

George Chaponda

For Malawians interested in knowing the fate of embattled minister of agriculture George Chaponda, the wait will have to be longer as the case has been stalled.

The strike by judiciary staff has forced the Anti-Corruption Bureau (ACB) to delay the start of the case against Chaponda.

George Chaponda
Judiciary staff strike delaying Chaponda’s case.

The striking staff, who are boycotting work to force government to begin paying them house allowances, have made business unusual in Malawi courts with thousands of cases failing to go before court last week.

As the strike enters week two, with reconciliation talks between government and the striking staff, the case involving Chaponda which was set to start on Wednesday will be postponed.

The case will be in court once the court workers and government agree on the house allowances.

Spokesperson for the striking workers Andy Hariwa disclosed that reconciliation talks between the Judiciary support staff and government will continue later this week as government is to get more information on the matter.

He however said they will continue striking until government agrees to give them the house allowances.

Chaponda was arrested after he was suspected of being involved in corrupt practices during the purchase of maize from Zambia. Malawi wanted to buy maize from its neighbour since many people faced hunger following dry spells in the last farming season.







  1. Woba nkhuku ndie life imprisson. Chifukwa chiyani amalawi? Ifesotu ndife a Malawi sikut mMalawi ndiyekha ali ndi chumayo ai. Tiyeni tiziona.

  2. And they are busy releasing warrants of arrest for Joyce Banda through Police when a small Chaponda got arrested by ACB… What madness is this? Dpp is falling a free fall

  3. A G Chaponda analysis tsa poyera kuti ife amalawi taluza nthawi yaitali .Chaponda akhala mm’boma nthawi yaitali izi zikutanthauza kuti zaka zonse akhala mm’bomazi Amaba betraying m alawians
    tikakusankhani timakhalakuti takukhulupilirani ndiye uku ndikukhulupirika kwa malawi ngati kkkkkkkkkkkk look how smart u r kkkkkkkkkk

  4. Note that, there is no scret under the sun, these poor MALAWIAN’S are not the fools, time will come when they will judge and choose the right on themselves.

    1. Please be sane. Laws of Malawi or any country does not treat person guilty until proven by competent court beyond reasonable doubt.Dikirani court izamugamule until then salary ndi yosayamba because he is just asuspect

  5. Ndikakumana naye ameneyu ndingomupanga mob Justice basi so law enforcers I don’t want to hear anymore stories from u after I sowetsa this ur Chaponda guy

  6. mumavabwajikumangotisisayetna Thomas John Slindile Ngcobo Amidou le Choco Memory Kundlande Sithembiso Sweswe Rumbie Beatrice Mudzengi Magret Jali Honest Munyaradzi

    1. i thnk its to delay the case intentionally in order to pass time. the problem is that the Malawi24 hav not clearly articulate the reason behind this.

    1. Even if you were a lawyer you couldn’t win this case, the only problem is that you don’knw what you are breathing because even acb team is in confusion

      Uzisamala polankhula a jijo simunthu olimbana nawo

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