Young mothers encouraged to go back to school


As a way of promoting girl child education in the country, government and the NGO Gender Coordination Network (NGO-GCN) continue to work together in implementing an initiative aimed at encouraging girls who got pregnant while at school to continue with their studies after giving birth.

Executive director for NGO-GCN Emma Kaliya stressed on the need for girls to go back to school after giving birth.

Emma Kaliya : cultural beliefs is discouraging young mothers from going back to school.

However, Kaliya pointed out cultural beliefs as some of the things discouraging young mothers from going back to school saying people in some areas still believe that girls are supposed to be married and bear children.

She therefore asked and encouraged the girls to go back to school despite the challenges they are facing in their communities as well as at school.

Kaliya also encouraged teen mothers to have confidence and to set goals in life in order to be successful.

The gender activist said young mothers should focus on where they are going, leaving the past behind and moving forward.





  1. I think it’s a good idea to send our young wives to school,some dropped off because they didn’t know what marriage is like,some bcoz stupid men took advantage of them. But I just like it if the go with good intention of getting it right.

  2. I agree there is need to address underlying causes but you can’t trash the campaign of bringing these girls goback to school. What Harrie has pointed out are just some elements that need to go into programming. I am meant to believe that there are already some programs that have taken such aspects into consideration. Just like young father’s who still continue with their education, why should young mothers be condemned? They need a future too! Our thinking should not configured in the “microsoft windows 89” mode! There is need to upgrade and think of what is in the best interest of girls, boys, women and men-good for the whole nation.

  3. Nonsense!! if you want just try to find ways of preventing them from getting pregnant and they continue with school b4 motherhood.

  4. For what maybe you wants them to be sleeping with their teachers?even though they can complete your stupid education what will be their benefit if not just waste money paying peter mutharika school feels?

  5. That’s a bad idea. You are encouraging young girls to do whatever they want, they know if they get pregnant, they can go back to school …that’s a bad idea…I can’t support that…

    1. Boys give pregnancies ad do whatever they want. If you have no problem with that why do you have a problem providing the girl the same opportunity for an education and future? Furthermore as the boys tend to abandon their children to be raised by the girl the girl is more in need of support to ensure the life of the child is provided for.

    2. The government is the one to be blamed… If the pregnate a girl, both should stop schooling… They must be s law…otherwise both are encouraged to do immoral behavior

  6. So Its All About Girls And Young Mothers? So Many NGOs
    What About Boys And Young Fathers?

    You Mean Girls= Quality Education
    Boys = Mdulidwe

    Hahahaha Keep On Cyphoning Funds On Those Girls That Are Sexually Infested.

  7. Ok? Asiyeni atsikana asankhe among this things,To continue xool while experiencing sexual intercouse and be contracted with STIs, and and having one sexual lovedone.

  8. I like the Tanzanian president speech said and I quote I give free education to you girls use this opportunity, if you once get pregnancy while at school, I won’t tolerate schools to be education mothers instead of young girls, if you get pregnant that’s the end of school because u have chosen what’s the best for you.

    1. yaaa yaaa yaaa thus very true what the president of Tanzania said. understanding the explain said free education here we don’t have free education how can some one said they should go back to school as if they will pay them school fees?

    2. Do you also like the part where he says the fathers of the pregnancy should be imprisoned for decades?

  9. there is lot to consider before someone comes and say we would like to send young mothers to school. .. who will take care of their kids? who’s gonna pay for their education? what actually made them drop out? mostly that do we have a ready environment to accommodate these mothers in school with our young girls? they did it once what’s fine to ensure that they won’t do it again? are they psychoprepared? do they really want to be in school or it’s some NGO or governmental institution trying to score points? otherwise its imperative that our young mothers proceed their education

    1. they have nothing to discuss at their office instead of helping those who are at the hospital’s they told them to go to pharmacy. where will they get the money for buying medicine

    2. I know girls who got pregnant and made use of the second chance. Now they are empowered women with very good families, very good jobs, have also given a very good future to their kids. I also know girls without number who got pregnant and never went back to school. Now they are miserable women with no future and cannot even give good education to their kids. Importance of ensuring that these girls go back to school is not rocket science. It’s as simple as ABC and not wealth a debate. Some boys who impregnate these girls are never condemned. They continue with education and are never forced out of school. This issue is about gender inequalities and needs to be addressed. No question about it. You provide opportunities to girls as well the whole nation will benefit.

    3. you’re right Chris… but if such questions are answered honestly we can create a program that will really Impact the needy and achieve it’s goals .. I tell you not all that are in schools need to be in there.. I am a teacher. I know. we are supposed to make sure that girls that are in school are motivated and interested so we minimise drop outs… but programs in place to keep girls in school leaves a lot to be desired… halfbaked.

    4. Fully agree. It’s not just a question of dragging them back to classes and then we celebrate success. More needs to be done to address underlying issues. Gender based viloence at school , gender issues at home and in the community, poverty linked to some negative cultural practices making some parents to look at girls as source of income when marrying them off, distances to school, lack of financial support to meet girls needs, girls overloaded with domestic schores, failure to enforce laws and policies, no motivation on the part of girls because the only educated woman that they see in community is this poorly paid young teacher who lives in this poorly built house and her salary cant make ends meet etc. A myriad of issues. But at all costs, there shouldn’t be a barrier preventing them from getting back to school because education is a right for both boys and girls. One’s gender (male or female) should never be a determine one’s access or not. You will agree with me that women and girls shoulder additional reproductive roles bestowed on them by nature. We need to find ways that help them to access opportunities as well.

  10. Nzosathandizanso Izi, Nkungopangitsa Atsikanawo Kuti Azipita Mtsogolo Ndi Makhalidwe Oipawo. Kale Atsikana Anali Ndi Mantha Podziwa Kuti Akaima Mimba Sukulu Yathera Pomwepo. Azipita Ku Night School.

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