Young mothers encouraged to go back to school


As a way of promoting girl child education in the country, government and the NGO Gender Coordination Network (NGO-GCN) continue to work together in implementing an initiative aimed at encouraging girls who got pregnant while at school to continue with their studies after giving birth.

Executive director for NGO-GCN Emma Kaliya stressed on the need for girls to go back to school after giving birth.


Emma Kaliya : cultural beliefs is discouraging young mothers from going back to school.

However, Kaliya pointed out cultural beliefs as some of the things discouraging young mothers from going back to school saying people in some areas still believe that girls are supposed to be married and bear children.

She therefore asked and encouraged the girls to go back to school despite the challenges they are facing in their communities as well as at school.

Kaliya also encouraged teen mothers to have confidence and to set goals in life in order to be successful.

The gender activist said young mothers should focus on where they are going, leaving the past behind and moving forward.




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