Police to deal with people behind ‘You have won a prize’ messages


The Malawi Police Service has said it will arrest scammers who are stealing from Malawians by lying to them that they have won prizes.

National Police Spokesperson James Kadadzera said cases of stealing by trick are increasing in the country and he assured that the police will work tirelessly to curb the malpractice.

Some Malawians have been complaining of scammers who lie to people through text or phone call that they have won items such as bicycles and iron sheets and demand money from the ‘winners’ for them to collect their prizes.

According to Kadadzera, they have already arrested some tricksters over similar offences.

“We have arrested some people who are being suspected to have been stealing from people through trickery because we have been receiving complaints from the general public of being duped of their hard earned money through receiving messages that they have won iron sheets and the likes,” he said.

The publicist also asked people in the country to verify before sending money to the scammers.

The security providers assured that they will continue investigating on the issue before it goes out of hand.






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  2. Amati ndawina waterpump but I didn’t participate any competition I called them ndikumati ndipite Ku Blantyre while Iam based in lcity I told them count me out u thieves

  3. The police can help,but main issue is that u can’t win price,of the competition u never paticipate that itself should tell u that its a false price,its not only in Malawi its everywhere,the way to avoid this is ignoling these kind of mssg,and never respond to msg or email of un known source,don,t be attempted to give ur back acc,we are living in very sensitive world through this electronic systems and net,its important to b wise,don’t b tempted with un known things

  4. we malawians ndife ofoyira we are busy kumaberana tokhatokha kodi amwenye akuti belawa tidzawabela liti coz njira yotorera misonkho using machines sakugwiritsa ntchito pali mashop ambiri ndikhoza kukakuonetsani machine aja anangoyika mwachiwonetse kupita kupolice amongoyakha zathobwa zokhazokha

  5. Yes give them the lesson, on 3rd August this # 0996614084 send me the message saying I have won 150000 mk on gluco lucky enough I didn’t call them because I already knew about this people’s plan after Jean Chalungama from times radio said about this on her programme.

  6. We need to change our mind set,go straight to what u want on fb,whats up,gougle etc.For something out of your business just quit it, if it is interesting make full consultation before intervation.Dzuka Mw.

  7. Ineyo ndakumana ndi anthu oposa 5 omwe aberedwa ndipo Zimenezi zinayambika 2016 nde inu a police mukubwera lero nkumanena mbwerera zanuzo, chodabwitsa ma # ambavazo amagwira inu apolice osatenga search warrant then ndikupita mu ma system a Tnm and Airtel, may be other workers from Airtel and Tnm are behind this! Our network providers here in Malawi are helpless, kuwaimbira amvekere after 24hrs ku tnm, 48hrs ku Airtel… Okubayo amakhala wachotsamo azidikira za 48hrs? Apolice ndakwiya nanu!!!

  8. Zaziiii…..mwadziwa ltiti zakuti anthu akubeledwa ndalama paMalawi pano,kapena mumafuna abeledwepo kaye azibale anu ndipamene mutengepo action?….the gist of the matter here is that malawi has high irritilacy levels therefore its not suprising to see a lot that have beed cheated already,this happened to my close friend and we communictaed to the tnm agent who said we will deal with then just give us their details.We reguested un-update of which they denied us….koma mpaka pano ma 4n ambavawo amagwilabe which would indicate they are still doing the same to others….this began sometime way back koma anthu anali chete….

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  11. Big up police,amenewa akhaulitsidwedi,ine adanditumizira message yoti ndawina plasma, koma ndinamuwuza kut wapanga komaliza coz ndipanga report ku police,nthawi yomweyo adazimitsa foni,koma zachisoni a certain gentele adaberedwa 27000 after telling him dat wawina chigayo,

  12. Most Malawians are Fools, Zombies they don’t have brains. These are the same people who believe in typing ‘AMEN’ on facebook to get rich. Lazy people always looking for free thingz instead of working hard. Police better arrest those fools not the scammers!

  13. the tendency has now become worse. c nice develpment by the police. just a wk ago i witnesd some1 wen he was about to lose his monies to these crooks through mpamba service. lack enough he didnt after my intervention b4 the transaction. otherwise!!!

  14. Sometimes we are stupid. How come you win while you are not participating in any competetion? I’ve been recieving those messages but i have never reply even single.

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