Man jailed for raping, impregnating 14 year old sister in-law


The Mangochi first grade magistrate court has sentenced a 24-year-old man to 10 years imprisonment with hard labour for raping and impregnating his 14-year-old sister in-law.

Sub lnspector Laston Sabola, a prosecutor based at Monkey-Bay Police Post told the court that the victim is a sister in-law to the convict and they live in the same village but at a distance of 100 metres.

“In the month of March 2017,
Mwinjiro requested to have sex with the victim but she denied. He kept persuading her until one day she reported the matter to her sister but surprisingly the sister did not take any action,” Sabola told the court.

In the same month, the victim visited her sister in order to play with her niece and later Mwinjiro’s wife went to fetch water leaving the victim and Mwinjiro at home.

In his wife’s absence, the rapist forcefully dragged the victim into the house and raped her. He threatened to divorce her sister if the girl revealed about the incident.

Mwinjiro also raped the girl on several other occasions until early July when her parents noticed some changes on her body.

After being asked, she revealed about the sexual abuse. Upon hearing this the parents reported the matter to Monkey-Bay Police Post where medical report was issued and the results from Monkey-Bay Health centre confirmed that she is four months pregnant.

The rapist was later arrested and in court he pleaded guilty as charged.

In mitigation he begged for a lenient sentence however the prosecutor pleaded for a stiff penalty.

When passing judgement, first grade magistrate Ronald M’bwana said the convict’s conduct cannot be tolerated in society since he molested and impregnated his own sister in-law instead of protecting her.

M’bwana then slapped him with a 10-year jail term in order to serve as a lesson to others.

Mwinjiro hails from Mkuwa village, Traditional Authority Nkhumba in Mulanje district.





  1. dats not rape case friends,i thought dey agreed.pofika mimba kuoneka unal mgwilizano ndithu.angovutitsa mkazi nd ana + wamimbayo

  2. Opha alubino 6 years chaponda maize gate scandal has given a bel,,poor man impregnate his in law 10 years….eish this country I bet we should sell it to gupita

  3. He didn’t do good thing. But think of his wife and kids if they have. Who will take care of the family. Now the pregnancy and this young girl if the child is born will have no support the next 9yrs? It’s justice but it will leave more problems out here worse than the jail term he is serving.

  4. Zogwilizana iya mwanayonso naye kumamuyabwa ku indian ocean ko . Munaona kuti kumugwililira munthu tsiku limodzi mpaka mimba ? Pomanga munthu yambani mwaganiza kaye . Uyu yekha atuluke mundende sinkhani iyai iyaaa!!!!!!!

  5. Alomwe bwanji kutchuka ndi kugonana ndi tiana. A tribe with people with ugly faces; Both male and female alike.

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