Tay Grin bails out Miss Malawi Ireland

Miss Malawi

Malawi’s award winning artist Tay Grin has expressed support for the newly crowned Miss Malawi-Ireland Deborah Grace Phiri.

Phiri was last week crowned Malawi’s Queen in the diaspora at a colourful ceremony in Dublin.

However her victory has not been worth a song back home with most people bullying her on social media.

They argue she is not beautiful enough to be claimant of the crown.

Tay Grin supports the newly crowned Miss Malawi Ireland.

First princess Yamikani Chikaoneka and second princess Irfan Shariff have not been spared from the mess as they have also been bullied in the same way.

It is, however, a different story for Grin who was in attendance at the event and graced the occasion with a music performance, as he believes the winner deserved it.

In a social media post two days ago, the Nyau King wrote against victimizing the Ireland based face of Malawi on cyberspace.

He called upon Malawians to have a heart of supporting one another.

“After reading such horrendous comments on social media platforms about the newly crowned Miss Malawi Ireland @gracie. Phiri it’s rather disappointing to note that people can be that cruel.

“My fellow Malawians we need to start loving and supporting each other.”

The Chipapapa hit maker above all congratulated and encouraged Grace and all those who participated to keep their heads high as they aspire for greatness.





  1. The problem in malawi is that most beautiful girls have no comfidence to compete on beuty pagiants events…..ozipelekawo akakapanga mpikisano….. mkuwina….then you start calling them names…..and its ashame if you could see most guys amanyoza atsikana ndi nkhwangwa zenizeni….and ngati makhosa amakuvomelani…..its because they just need your money…..mukalambulalambula ma garden aazungu ….mkukayendako ndimkhosa basi mwazifila kkkkk pathetic

  2. From my opinion. We have beautiful girls in Malawi. I think the judges are the one who chose wrong. For sure to be honest this girl can’t contest other girls in Africa. She will be out first round. That’s what happen when we choose because of race, famous, and nepotism. These are the results. And what bail here how.

  3. Even if it was my sister or any member of my family I’ll tell her don’t make a mockery to Country please u standing for the nation not your boyfriend

  4. Guys, mmm u have commented enough. Stop the negative talk now! Let Miss Malawi enjoy her title in peace. She was chosen by a panel of objective and competent judges. To be fair, direct ur anger and frustrations to the judges who chose her as the beauty queen of the day.

  5. Wat i know is that in malawi we dont have beautiful girls, but good looking boys while in south africa they have got beautiful girls but bad looking faces fo boys its how God made things i hope

    1. Kkkkkkkkk Timangonimizana kuti u r butf or wat but on national level we r nothing koma poti ati nkhwagwa sizimaziona zokha ndiye ok ndinu okongola kkkkkkkkkkkkkk

    2. mmmm anyamata inu mwina mukunena mayanu ndi ma sisters anu alaaaaa shupiti, every country kuli okongola ndonyasa omwe its everywher, chabwinobtavomela ndife onyasa ngat yo sisters

    3. Priscilla I Admit That U R Beautiful And That There Also Other In Malawi, The Problem Here Z That One Representing Malawi Which Tells The Whole World That Ku Malawi Okongoletsetsa Ndameneu

    4. chilungamo chake kumalawi chilungamo kulibe u cn imagine pacontest ya miss mw okongola analipo koma amafuna graduate asakachititse manyazi mayankhulidwe not maonekedwe .just the same tay green the one u say award winner kkkk akamtoletole bekeshu en someone get awarded izizi simbaliyathu amalawi

  6. The lady is beautiful only. The onlything is that beauty is defined by many attributes not what some people only see. Thèse women, she and her two colleagues won the Miss Pageant. Let us respect this. Congrats ladies

  7. Idont know why you people are saying this lady is not beutifull.Out of those who competed she emerged the winner.So you wanted the judges to sellect among non contestants?To me this means this lady was the best among those who participated.

  8. zoti ndi miss mpanje mukuzidziwa nokha, ine mulibemo mmenemo,, munthu ka nkhope kuipa chonco ngat amutukwanila amake,, kansana ngat thumba lamanyowa,, timasaya ngati kunona ngati chindazi ,, vimaso ngat ngat akusuzumila kudzenje,, kamimba ngati eeee ndasiya ndinga chimwepo chabe apa

  9. Am so comfuse with this issue of miss mpanje. Even if u meet with her in Mc Donald u cant show her is miss mpanje everythings in my country is positive thats too bad hey Tay man nawenso iwe iiiiiii kaya wekha konko asaaaaa.

  10. Miss Malawi wake ooneka opeperayo, odwaladwala, wokuthaitha kale. Kumakhala serious koma. Ameneyo tingamuonese ku maiko a anzathu? Sindinganvese olo mutandiuza mobwerezabwereza.

  11. This is a disgrace indeed even if Malawi is that poor it doesn’t mean we don’t have beautiful woman why Malawi is always a joke to other countries

  12. Hey Tay Grin cannot change the fact that this young lady is not beautiful! People see that with their own eyes.
    To make matters worse you are even putting her picture here.

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