No end in sight for judiciary strike: government refuses to give in

Malawi High Court Strike

Government has rejected demands by Malawi Judiciary support staff for the government to start giving them house allowances.

The employees who downed tools on Monday this week, demanded government to be paying them house allowances just as it does for magistrates, judges and other senior Judiciary officers.

Malawi High Court Strike
High court premises closed.

Responding on the matter, government has disclosed that the workers cannot get the allowances as per demanded arguing their perks are meant to cater for the rental bills.

The treasury also disclosed that magistrates and judges get house allowances for security reasons due to the nature of their jobs.

Confirming the development, Judiciary staff union spokesperson Andy Hariwa said the treasury has disclosed that they are not giving the allowances.

“Actually we have received two communications from government, the other communication is from the secretary to the treasury, he has responded on behalf of the minister of finance that we are not getting house allowances as per request,” said Hariwa.

He added by disclosing to have received another communication from the office of the Attorney General (AG) that they should go for reconciliatory talks on the matter.

Hariwa however said they will continue striking until their grievances are addressed.

Meanwhile, justice has been left to a standstill in Malawi as courts are closed and many cases are not being heard due to the workers’ strike.






  1. We wll also go on strike, we wll stop buying artme and bundles we see who wll b commenting ur stories.rubbish

  2. Penapake mukamapanga ma strike anuwo muzikumbukira kuti ntchitoyo munakayiputa nokha, choncho sibwino kuti nkhawa zanu ndi mabwana anu zizikhudza anthu osalakwa nawo mumudziwe Yesu ndithu, anthu ena akukanika kulandila chilungamo chifukwa cha kuzikonda kwanu!

    1. Umazitsata koma? Zoti mu ma benefits awo nkhani ya house allowance inachotsedwa Zaka zapitazo. Wangodana malo bomali koma sudziwa chimwe ukunena

  3. Just dare give them that means all civil serVice and parastatals will demand house allowances then it will be catastrophic on the part of govt!

  4. the gvt is doing this deliberately coz sakufuna nkhani ya chaponda ikalowe mkhoti

    1. Ife we deal with pples life not criminals those waiting for judgement will never die but clients in my ward we not wait for my 1hour strike. Let them strike even up to next yr asawagonjere.

  5. we all get our salaries from account #1,but why should others receive more despite having the same grade & qualification?When will be the concept of harmonization of salaries become realistic?

  6. koma nde apweteketsa anthu amene ali mundende kapena muzitolokosi kudikira kuti akamve chilungamo ku khoti.Anthu ena ali ku zitolokosi koma ndiosalakwa phokhapokha makhoti agamula.

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