APM is leading Malawi to promised land – Chiumia


Minister of Home Affairs and Internal Security has claimed that President Peter Mutharika is leading the country to the promised land.

Chiumia made the remarks during the launch of Malawi Police, Defence and Security prayers at Police headquarters in Malawi’s capital, Lilongwe.

Grace Chiumia

Chiumia says Mutharika is leading the country to the promised land.

In her speech, Chiumia said Mutharika is a visionary leader who is striving to make Malawi a great country and that his enemies will fail.

She further said her ministry is working tirelessly to make sure that peace in the country is maintained.

“My ministry is committed to ensure that people in the country are secured and accorded a robust and secure environment for economic activities. As security entities, we will remain committed to hard work, be people of integrity and be patriotic in order to serve our country better,” Chiumia said.

According to the minister, security agencies realized that they will not achieve the intended purpose of maintaining peace in the country if they work in isolation.

“This is why in today’s prayers, the emphasis has been on togetherness. Fully aware that their power in unity as security institutions we have one common goal that is to provide security to all Malawians so that they can live peacefully and be able to thrive be it spiritually, socially or economically,” Chiumia said.

She also admitted that some security officers misbehaves, an act which she said is not welcome because men in uniform are supposed to live by example.



  1. Hey,we A The Ones To Blaim 4 Positioning These Money Hungry Ppo Into Such Status.Come 2019,God Shud Gv Us Spirit Of Loving Our Country By Choosing Individuals Who Wil Have Responsibilities Towards Dev.

  2. Even the Israelis were in the Wilderness for 40 years and they had Manna, and Godly coverage But Malawi is a BURNING INFERNO OF POVERTY HAVE A HEART GRACE don’t provoke MALAWIANS 53 years tifera mu Wilderness

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    Only idiots and fools will not even take there precious time to think not vote for these people, but they will vote for them still,,, like headless chickens..

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  5. Andale Ndi Anthu Osakhulupilika Ndasiya Kutsatira Ndale President Wadziko Kulephera Even Kutumiza Vp Wake Kumwambo Otsegulira Benga Parish Ku Nkhotakota?But This Government Is Full Of Fools!

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  16. Men and Women, let’s vote between these two. Who can really lead Malawi to the promised land?
    I for one, I go for Chakwera. No strings attached. What about you?

  17. Sometimes its better to be silent. I remember late Bingu ( MHSRIP) saying “ntchito za manja anga zindichitira umboni” . What have you done to develop your area honourable minister?

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  19. To the promised land?
    Can someone visit Nkhata Bay west and see how hortible this woman can be.

    Despite the CDF, she won’t show you what she has done with that money nor what her government has done. There are poor roads so that its hard to even connect communities.

    Yes, she is enjoying the lavish of being a cabinet minister but the best she can do is close her mouth because its the opposite.

    Perhaps, the collapsing of the justice system, the lack of better markets for farmers and these continued black outs, the failure by many students quslifying for university to afford university education, and yhose lucky graduating failing to secure employment or other opportunities is the heaven madam Chiumia is talking of. And what about the passport racket to foreigners under her ministry, where are the investigations? Eish

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