Political parties warned to stop celebrating huge crowds at rallies


Political parties in this country have been warned that they should not take the crowds of poor Malawians that attend their rallies seriously as they can give them wrong assumption.

One of the local social commentators Stanley Onjezani Kenani has said this following massive self-appraisals by parties such as Malawi Congress Party (MCP), United Democratic Front (UDF) and the ruling Democratic Progressive Party (DPP).

Stanley Kenani
Kenani: Warns crowds could give a false image to parties.

According to Kenani, showing up at a rally is not an indication that someone is in support of the party but sometimes people attend these rallies to waste their time and for those in villages, as part of entertainment.

“The ruling DPP is boasting about its crowds. The opposition MCP is showing off its crowds. Even the UDF has joined in to showcase its crowds.

“What everyone forgets: there is almost no entertainment in the villages. When they hear someone important is coming to address them, especially names they hear on the radio, they go to hear him out. Merely showing up at the rally is not an endorsement of or an expression of support for the speaker,” says the former Malawi Writers Union President.

Kenani has added that most of what leaders of these political parties tell people are lies and since most Malawians are now civilised they know that they are being deceived.

“What is important is the message. The people in the village are not dull. They know when you are telling them lies. They know when you are making promises you have no intention of keeping.

“So, as we try to outdo each other in bragging about our crowds, it would be helpful to remember that in the villages there is very little entertainment,” concluded Kenani.



  1. the news are good they update soon as the breaking news

  2. More people gather even at a funeral of a witch craft,mbava etc not that they liked,favoured him | her ,but just to see,hear or witness the death

  3. Kaya ine ndie ndimakonda chipani changa chomwe ine ndi msogoleri adona anga vice mwana wanga membala ndipo likulu lake lili mdeni mwanga. Sponser ndikugwira ntchito molibika basi.Tonse timachikonda chipanu chathu.No waste of time kudzipaniso zina zokhumudwisazi.

  4. Mutiuze lero izi!!!in malawi having a huge mass of people at a political rally its our culture coz we dont have other important tings to do at home….#poormw

  5. kkkkk analyst uyu otseketsa oh, just because misonkhano ya APM munali chikhamu nde mwati muchenjeze APM…paja anthu ochuluka atabwera ku lowershire though ambiri anachokera ku dz, dowa, lilongwe mumati tsopano MCP yagwira msewu koma chifukwa ndi APM mwati mulankhule monyazitsa….no! you guys you claim to be political analysts please try to tell these political parties te truth..wheather in opposition or ruling ralies anthu amabwera but si onse azawavotere….this warning should have come at any time not nthawi yomwe olamula achitisa mtsonkhano…Mufune musafune the future of this country is in hands of common people who have no access to these social media, tv , radios and the like…political analyst wamkulu ndi ovota not only analysts…All political analysts in malawi are always bias coz they have personal interest

    1. Analyst wa MCP kudzera ku MCP24 apereka dandauloli mokhala ngati chenjezo ku Chipani cha Dziko cha DPP. Iwo apereka uthengawo ngati ndiwa Zipani zonse pamene uli wa Chipani cha chikoka, cholamula.

  6. Much as I agree with the analyst but at some point I would chose to differ with him in the view that large crowds can still prove the popularity of the party and that becomes a winning ground of marketing themselves and getting on board the undecided.

  7. know that most of the times rallies on which the presient is always is in attendance are patronised by people who have been forced to otherwise they should judge based on rallies where the president wont be available

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