Msowoya, Mia meet in KK as Msowoya refuses to warm up to newcomer


Rivals Richard Msowoya and Sidik Mia who are secretly struggling for power in opposition Malawi Congress Party (MCP) joined party President Lazarus Chakwera at a rally in Nkhotakota.

For the first time, Msowoya and Mia flanked Chakwera at the rally which came following open fights in the old party which saw Msowoya and Mia trading subliminal jabs at each other.

Sidik Mia

Mia’s joining MCP still causing a stir.

At his welcoming rally in Chikhwawa, Mia is alleged to have referred to Msowoya as lebwedelebwede and hinted that he would take over his position of vice president to Chakwera for the 2019 polls.

Msowoya on the other hand addressed a rally in Mzimba where he welcomed mayor for Mzuzu and applauded him for using proper channels to join the party. His comments were considered as an attack on Mia who has been accused by others including estranged party GS Gustav Kaliwo of using shortcuts to join MCP.

At the rally in Nkhotakota however the two parties were brought together for the first time since their open jabs.
Party president Lazarus Chakwera who called on the two to stop fighting in the week urged his party members to embrace new members.

In his remarks, new catch Sidik Mia commented on his relationship with Msowoya saying that he is his friend.

Mia dismissed reports that his lebwedelebwede comments were targeted at Msowoya.

“Msowoya is my friend, I wouldn’t say bad words about him,” said Mia.

Msowoya however refused to say anything on his relationship with Mia, instead insisting to talk on the 2019 polls.

A political analyst Emily Luwani said that Msowoya’s gesture is an indication that all is not rosy in MCP and the rally was just a front.



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