Catholic Bishop warns Christians against seducing priests

Malawi’s Roman Catholic Bishop of Dedza Diocese has warned Christians from the church against seducing priests in the country.

Bishop Emmanuel Kanyama of Dedza diocese disclosed that some priests are being tempted by their own Christians to have sex with them against the vow of celibacy the priests make when they are ordained.

Speaking at the ordination ceremony of priests and deacons at Mtendere Parish on Saturday, Bishop Kanyama urged Christians to be “praying” for the priests and not seducing them.

“Pali akhristu ena amene pofuna kukola wansembe amanena kuti, ife tikudziwa kuti ndinu anthu ngati ife tomwe mumazisowa zimenezi (There are some Christians who try to tempt priests by saying priests are also humans and they crave for sex),” said Kanyama.

He also advised priests to restrain from giving in to various temptations with the excuse that “they are humans hence they are subjected to sexual feelings”.

Vice President Saulos Chilima who was present at the ceremony commended Mtendere parish for building a new church with locally sourced funds arguing the move has portrayed the spirit of self-reliance.



  1. KKKKKK Zinaziii, ansembe asamakwatire? Kodi Baibulo lake ndiye liti? Ana mukubereka mseriwa azakudziwani bwanji? Kodi mumakonzeratu dongosolo pa zatsogolo lawo inu mutafa? Aloleni ansembe azikwaniritsa chilengedwe basi

  2. Kunali kwa bwino kuti misakwatile,koma chifukwa chamadama anu aliyese akhale naye mkazi mmozi waiye yekha,yosefe anathana nawo mayeselo mkazi wapotifala atamuvulila,ngat abusa alelo mutakhala olimba mtima ngat yosefe palibe yeselo lingakugwedezeni,pempheran musagone kuopa kut mungalowe mkuyesedwa,koma mauwa ansembewa akuwachita?zoipa zammasiku otsiliza

  3. Don’t blame your Christians, read the word of God, in James 1 verse 13 -15. Your priests are seduced by their own evil desire. Are you telling us that at the day of judgement you will have these words to say no Lord I was seduced by Christians?

  4. 1 Timothy 4:1-3 [1]Now the Spirit speaketh expressly, that in the latter times some shall depart from the faith, giving heed to seducing spirits, and doctrines of devils; [2]Speaking lies in hypocrisy; having their conscience seared with a hot iron; [3]Forbidding to marry, and commanding to abstain from meats, which God hath created to be received with thanksgiving of them which believe and know the truth.

  5. As the saying goes..’we can’t stop birds from flying over our heads but we can stop them from making their nest on our heads ‘as long we are living we wl face many temptations but if we are serious about our service to God we wl not give into temptations.

  6. the Romans fooled you Africans.. those priests some of them are gays coz they cannot stand having sex feelings it natural.. even the sisters too some are lesbians. you can’t control nature!! it’s a lie from a Whitman of Rome fooling you ..

  7. So we’re are come we go the Roman church??. and why the trinity is only consists with three men? the father the son the holy spirit.. what happened to women?. and pope Francis of Roman Catholic legalized homosexual marriage..amuna kukwatirana amuna okhaokha akaziso chimodzimodzi.. don’t you think that these people are misleading you black people ??? because in our African culture we are not suppose to marry a same sex partner and we are not allowed to stay single forever.. But it seems like Africans choose the western culture and forsaken their African culture … But i understand coz it all gone lost in the days of slavery when they brought their beliefs and forced us to join so we see our African beliefs as in evil while it is not!!.. it takes an awakened person to see what is going on in our African countries like in Malawi… RELIGION IS A BRAIN EATING BACTERIA!.. we need to free ourselves from this mental slavery and bring back our ancestors beliefs ( the m’bona was one of our gods in Malawi ) but it sounds evil to some of us people coz we are brainwashed!!.. GIVE thanks I love to enlight my people but the choice is yours you have eyes to see and mind to see …

  8. So you guys have got a burning topic now, not so? Are you exercising your constitutional right, the freedom of expression or you are trying to dent somebody’s picture?
    If your “THOUGHT” is not in line with our church doctrine on celibacy leave us alone…it’s us not you….

  9. U must go by an example osamangobwebweta apa amene mchemwali wake anapangako ubwezi wamseli ndi wansembe abwele poyora apa i don’t blive that wansembe angapake zimenezo proud to be a catholic.

  10. Please! Don’t blame the Christian members but blame the priests coz temptations they was, they are & they will be we can not run away from that as far as we are here in this world but as the priests they have to take a stand as the young boy Joseph in potipher’s house did, so as the men of God they choose to sin coz to sin its a choice

  11. Ambuye. Akunena. Chilungamo. Akhristu. Nafeso. Tanyanya. Zochita. Mpingo. Kuphika. Zinthu. Mmakomo. Mwathu. Kupasira. Wakabaza. Kuti. Kandiperekere. Kwa. Wansembe. Mamuna. Wako. Chani

  12. Celibacy was put in the church by the cardinals in order to allow the ordained church ministers to save God audioubly.The seduction can also be drafted in the canon law if the vatican agrees this thesis,not by physical motive but by spiritul motive.

  13. Kumeneko ndie kumkanda satana paliwombo….you can’t warn the devil,you must defeat him with his acts,apa zaonetsa kuti mukumuopa satana.

  14. God blesses those who patiently endures Temptaion.Afterward the will Receive the crown of life that Godvhas promised to those who Love Him , and Remember u r being tempted, do not say , God is tempting me. God is never tempted to do wrong and He never tempts any one. Temptations comes nnnny our own evil desires. James 1 Vs 12 -14. We should no be Religious but we should be move by the Holy spirit

  15. Bishop,that is a blue lie,mind u some of ur fellow bishops have hidden children,some arrange their holidays with sisters to places best known to urselves for picnics,u hide from people not to God

  16. Just repent and follow the true religion of one God , these names were forbidden by Jesus himself coz he new you wana call someone father while there is no other father beside God . Catholic was the first church to be formed after the departure of Jesus but due to the misunderstanding (catholic never follow the footsteps of Jesus) therecame more churches who oppose each other untill now they have different beliefs and different bibles . Its time to submit ourselves to the one and only God (Allah , Mulungu , Chiuta etc)

  17. Them are to blame not the chritians, they go head on vying straight forward for singles even married ladies unashamed. Mukhale nawo pansi, akuwononga mbiri ya mpingo wathu

  18. In every field there are temptations .. so as you choose your career make sure you’re equal to the challenge! Temptations and tests defines one’s faith.

  19. Ansembe asamakwatile malamulo awo amatelo, koma chigololo atha kupanga kumbukani pa Lilongwe airport wanse ali pamwamba pasisitele, kodi ndi ana angati omwe anapeleka ansembe mmakomomu. Amangofuna kunamiza wanthu awa bwanji sawagwetsa kumpingo akapezeka amangowasitha kogwilila ntchito.

  20. Probably one of the best post ever done by Malawi 24 that has attracted reactions from silent beings….

    Would you, guys, find something else to do apart from such unreasonable posts like these….

  21. Akubwela Yesu sopano kuzakukang’anthani azayambila inu pamene azafike paine azakhala watopa ndekuti ine wakuchipulumuso

  22. I dont believe at all that celibacy exist in the catholic church, a lot of priests have lost control, it is not that they are seduced but they are themselves appreciating the miracle of nature, most of them have kids in the neighbourhood, Shame, men in robes!.

  23. Whatever U Like it or Not, Every Christians Will Never Escape Temptation But If U R Really Strong Christian and U can Fight it &

  24. mpingo uliose ulindimalamulo ake.mpingo wakatolika udakhazitsa,lamulo lakuti ansembe ake asamakwatile.olakwandimunthu amene amavela kukhala wansembe koma mkumaka panga zibwenzi

  25. Celibacy…Vow not to get married…one area was forgotten of prohibiting them not to taste.Some r married secretly and still others have girlfreinds with children in villages.

  26. USELESS BISHOPS ARE THOSE THAT SLEEP WITH CHRISTIANS and / or SISTERS, Why not marrying? Jesus was tempted, real Christians are tempted and failing to withstand and defeat temptation is a sign that you are weak and not FIT to preach the GOSPEL. We are all sinners and we sin but you start it dont blame church women

  27. It would be lame excuse to indulge in sex becoz of seduction,unless you are shallow rooted in Christ.Christ never gave in to sin for been tempted.Only when they were not called to serve God,shall they sin.

  28. Everyone is tempted not only priest but you choose to entertain the temptation or not so dont blame Christian’s blame yourself control

  29. Kodi ndi chifukwa chani sakwatira& Mulungu wake ndi amamutumikirayo?musanyengedwe amadyana okhaokha ndipo palibe wansembesisiterebrother amene sanadyekosanadyetseko katundu ndipo tinawapezerera ena akubwindana ku tchalitchi komweko wansembe ndi sisitele ndiye anangowapanga transfer kuwapititsa ku parish ina ya kumudzi.

  30. Celibacy is a non starter these days.May be in bygone days it worked. Why punish a sexually normal man or woman by denying them sex, for the sake of appearing holy? Let priests and nuns marry to avoid clandestine sexual escapades. You can’t run away from natural inclinations such as sex, it’s natural!

  31. Instead of warning the bishops to be aware of these she devils, you are warning christians. Do you mean if these wicked christians will not take care you will be climbing them?

  32. So amazing why can’t you kneel down and pray? just to depend on God’s power,physically you can’t overcome but with God everything is possible but not on your own.Remember,priest that you are here in the world where by satan himself remains a ruler. So temptetions will not fail to approach somebody.Remember what happened with job as scriptures were writen.Temptetions are bad but on the other side are good with a reason spiritually,whenever we have passed through a temptetion that’s where victory now is outlined,further more that’s how we are always confirmed by God to be his beloved people.TEMPTETIONS WILL NOT FAIL TO COME,WE NEED TO OVER COME,THIS WORLD ISN’T PARADISE.

  33. Don’t start something you can’t finish bishops; if you can’t stand the heat in the kitchen, stay away. Today women and girls are walking almost naked,how many are you going to warn? Marriage is not forbidden in the Bible. Those with hot hormones should just quit and marry than disgracing themselves.

    1. Douglas I agree with you a lot of young men in robes cant resist! Iknow of priests who goes for the night queens, he actually picks them not that he is seduced but because he has choosen to bent what he vowed! Believe you me these men of god behind the curtains are a mess mark my word isay a mess.

    2. And most of them are seen being deforming with arvs, how do they get the virus? the best way is to let them marry rather than punishing themselves with hiding

    3. kkkkkkkkkk! Douglas,i like your reality expressing on this matter! Thats totally true and no point is mistaken

    4. People ur saying this is nonsense but to me there’s more sense and truth in his comment. The celibacy thing to our Bishops is an uphill task and most of them do not manage it.I for one would want to propose abolition of this celibacy pretence just to give freedom to our bishops to be doing it freely other than the way they are doing it right now. These people have fathered many children mmakombonimu

    5. Even among the married there are those who cheat on their spouses. So we are going to allow them just to satisfy their bodily lust? In fact the married that cheat are more than those Priests.Loose moral are not solved by submission to list!

    1. Meaning? Those so called priests should control their pants since they sworn that they will never touch a woman

  34. just castrate them all, so tha they shouldn’t have sexual desire,. ngat analumbira kut sadzakwatira chomasiliranso azimayi ndichani?,

  35. Kodi inu abusa anu okwatirawo bwanji amapanganso zibwenzi ndi amai a mumpingo mwanu momwemo oti alinso pabanja?Ndimtima wamunthu basi osati chifukwa chosakwatira. Ukamapita ku unsembe umadziwa kale kuti wansembe wakatolika samakwatila.

  36. Jesus was also tempted but he did not blame his followers.Instead He prayed to God.Should we say preists are failing to stand temptations that devil is deceiving them?This is not true,then who tempt christians?

    1. But don’t compare Jesus Christ with your priests rather fight to have that restriction removed of not allowing them to marry. Jesus Christ was the son of God hence He could overcome every trials and temptations.

  37. Malamulo asinthidwe basi, ansembe nawonso ndi anthu, njala imawapola nawonso, masiku ano kwavuta chifukwa satana walowa munkachisi mommo, mayeselo achuluka munkachisi, masiku ano kukhala wansembe ndikulimba mtima

  38. If they vowed & are strong priests who know really know evil and choose celibacy,why bowing to the evil? Mr Bishop,never ever side with those wicked lambs lest we include amongst them. May priests have families and are fathering. As the Pope suggested 3 months ago, let celibacy be one’s choice.

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