LWB warns of more water contamination in Area 18

Lilongwe Water Board (LWB) has warned of more water contamination incidents in Area 18 saying many sewer pipes in the area are in bad condition.

The warning comes days after a contamination incident in Area 18 on July 18 when water mixed up with faeces after a sewer pipe burst.

Speaking during a public hearing on the matter organized by Malawi Human Rights Commission (MHRC) on Friday, LWB Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Alfonso Chikuni said water in the area is likely to get contaminated again as more sewer pipes are noted to not be in a good condition.

“Last night when we were about to knock off, my team advised me that the sewer pipe had gone far beyond, the potential of contaminating water is very high,” said Chikuni.

He added that LWB plans to close the Area 18 water supply pipe until all sewer pipes are rehabilitated to avoid a repeat of the July 18 incident.

Various stakeholders have been faulting the authorities for having people drink water that was contaminated arguing citizens from Area 18 are likely to suffer from diseases.
Some quarters believe people from Area 18 should be compensated since some of them used the contaminated water.



  1. ine kwanga nkuseka poti anthu aku lilongwe amati ndikwa ndalama but look at this, they are even failing to replace old water and sewage pipes……Blantyre is way better than Lilongwe plus lilongwe ili ndi vuto la low water levels…this is a disaster guys

  2. LWB should urgently declare A 18 a disaster and water supply cut off. LLWB to provide clean water in bowsers while overhauling the water works. Engineers should work round the clock to sort out the problem before in imaginable serious epidemic breaks out!

  3. I think LWB and City council are Services providers. If they know the problem, a solution must be found. LWB is not there to warn or send an alarm but to help eliminating problems.

  4. It is not uncommon for city authorities to discourage drinking water direct from taps eg Dar es salam. They encourage bottled water consumption because tap water cannot be 100% guanteed. Government may look into subsdising bottled water as a policy to make it affordable. This could in turn result imto savings in healthcare costs.

  5. That’s we talk about water safety planning. Our water utilities in the country do not have any risk management plans. They need to have officers responsible for service quality assurance starting from water catchment down to the user households. We need to have a set of potential risks identified etc. Almost all utilities have their water systems exposed to an extent that they can easily be contaminated or simply put, poisoned. Have you ever heard about terrorism? What if one wants to kill people and decide to poison our water systems? How protected are we? We have many water tanks exposed to unimaginable threats. I, therefore, suggest we take this matter seriously if at all we want to abandon this path of reactive management. We need people of new school, not old school. We should have known a long time ago that water contamination was going to happen one day. We should have known when we were passing water pipelines in that area.

    1. Admin has done nothing wrong, besides informing you about the contamination of water she also tells you to boil it before any domestic use

  6. This government likufuna kupha anthu a chigawo chapakati powamwetsa madzi oyipa coz akudziwa kuti ndi amene adzasinthe Boma..its a plot koma simutitha ana mwachepa

  7. Kamuzu was right to name Zomba as capital city….. the issue is not about being central, but being surrounded with available and reliable natural resouces like water….. Zomba is just deep in that..

    1. First Ur Saposd 2 Thk Y H Cold Zomba And Y H Remvd 2 Lilongwe?Histolically Zomba Ws First Distric In Nyasland Whr Past Ago Ws Many Public Insttions Mad By Past Rulers Asamunda.And Bcoz Of Lake Chirwa Whch Ws Usd Us Weapons Trasported From Mozambique Via Msombi Unto Kachulu Past Name Kagwako.So Bcoz Of That Kamuzu Made Difference Infrustractures Including Chanco In 1975.When He Sees That Sourthen Region Is Develepd Then He Was Decided To Devolop Central Region..Bt In What Way?First Transfering Capital City Only And Many Public Sectors Remain In Zomba Like MANEB,MEC,NS0 and many more,another point was that lilongwe is a gd central plac for o malawian,lik nothing and sourthen people o wl allocate there,so if u are talking about zomba is vegetative city no,past days every place were frora and fauna bt due to pple settlement was emptised.cul read

  8. Area 18 is the dangerous place to live and the state should decided to declare the suspension of supplying of water to avoid catastrophe since people of area 18 were completely living the agony of their ideologies.

  9. ALL PPLE Around area 18 need to medical check up if they r not affected by the contaminated water,misonkho chiduliren but ur felling to providing clean water

  10. My question is…. if CRW pipes are alright how do we have the contamination despite the sewer pipes being broken? It simply means that even their pipes zinawola kalekale let them repair their broken pipes first. .

  11. Malawi24 niyomvetsa chisoni bwani,why are u posting a pot on a hot plate while you writting about contamination of water and sewage kkkkkkkkkkk

  12. This Lilongwe shouldn’t be capital city! Let the president to name mangochi as our capital city! Nanga anthu aku capital azingomwa nyasi daily????????????

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