AFORD rope in Lucius Banda


Member of Parliament for Balaka North constituency Lucius Banda has accepted a huge package from Alliance for Democracy (AFORD), Malawi24 can report.

Banda who is well known in the music industry as Soldier is expected to perform with his Zembani Band at the AFORD’s event this coming month.

This development comes days after the United Democratic Front (UDF) member was also seen performing at a Malawi Congress Party (MCP) rally in the Lower Shire where MCP was welcoming politician Sidik Mia to the party.

Lucius Banda

Lucius Banda : AFORD beckons.

Banda’s presence at the unveiling event of Mia fuelled rumours on social media linking him with a move to the country’s oldest party of which he refuted later on saying he was there as mere musician not as a political guy.

The musician has backed his availability in other political parties’ functions claiming that is what is supposed to be happening in a democratic world and he has thanked those that have been inviting him and his team.

“We thank MCP for engaging our band without considering that I am a UDF diehard. This is the kind of coexistence that is supposed to happen in multiparty democracy.

“We are happy that on 25th August we will be performing for AFORD in Mzuzu,” Banda has said.

The legislator can be described as a loyal servant for the UDF since he is the only MP for the party who is still sitting on the opposition benches in Parliament as the rest of the UDF legislators including their president Atupele Muluzi are on the government benches.

Recently, some members of the party announced that they have endorsed Banda as their leader who will lead them in the forthcoming tripartite elections scheduled to be held in the year 2019 as they are claiming that members of the party have lost their trust in the leadership of Muluzi.

Political analysts have been saying that the second party to rule the country is gradually being swallowed by the ruling Democratic Progressive Party (DPP).



  1. Omweo anazainba nyimbo yoti Ali ndinjilazao usalimbanenawo anthu andale ndi minzwakachele inu comment mphweee zichedwani izozao kaya heeeee

  2. Don’t forget that he is a musician/businessman.So he will go wherever the smell of money attracts his nostrils.I guess he will have no qualms to play at a Dpp event provided that he gets cash.Yes cash.

  3. i hope Lucius knows well he’s a politicians, he shud tread carefully with fellow politicians b4 they use him & finally castigate him. he can’t change the political environment

  4. Nooo,he will never do that, he is yellow in good or bad times, he did not join politics to become rich,he was already a millionaire, 100%UDF

  5. Team yomwe munthu umasapota ngakhale italuza siumasintha Onse sangakhale okonda chipani chimodzi ngakhale mbali yao italuza mwa mtundu wanji

    Malawian news readers scared of opening links to read more news.

    Its been revealed that most Malawians prefer internet without data thereby most of them comment stupidly after just reading a headline………more http.Www.Malawi24/Malawiannewsreaders.

  7. Let him go and perfom whereever he want to coz is only what is remaining 4hm, sorry 4his sit in parliament mr magitala u lost it by throwing it urself unknowingly kkkk i just here tht kunkuyu also will rope in u next tym to perfom at his rally since u r the croud puller 4nothing

  8. Tamvetsani anthu inu Lucious ali ndi band yake inu mutakhala ndi ukwati mutha kumuitana and mukamuitana sikuti wafunanso mkazi wanuyo ayi Lucious ndi wa UDF Iye sakuyang’ana chipani akuyang’ana ndalama moti komwe wapitako akalandira ndithu zake ndichimodzi modzi pomwe anakaimba pa nsokhano wa MCP Sikuti analowa MCP ayi

  9. Soldier…..
    It’s your time….
    This is a golden opportunity for you.
    Remember the poor masses you genuinely represent……
    We love you.

  10. Dpp and udf will do whatever it takes to remove lucius from that seat in the coming election all because he is giving them chronic headache and once this is achieved the taste of lucius will loose its salt in the political platform

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  12. Last toi reported that he joined MCP. Today AFORD. Guys leave soldier alone, he’s doing what he knows better. Music and he’s a crowd puller. tou can invite him in you’re political rallies he won’t reject!!

  13. What is wrong with Malawian? Is it very difficult to understand the elementary English used in the article that Lucius Banda, with his Zembani band, will be performing at an AFORD function and that he will be paid for the show? Does the article say he has now joined AFORD and left UDF? Many of the comments clearly point to the fact that that is the way they understand (actually misunderstood) the article. Recently Lucius performed at an MCP Larry and many Malawians thought he was now MCP despite him clearly stating he had been hired – at a fee! What I see is that many of the people who commented do not understand English well but decide to comment nevertheless and in most cases in Chichewa (not comfortable with English). Some were even insulting Lucius Banda, for what? My advice to fellow readers is to refrain from commenting on issues we do not understand!

  14. Kodi malawi24 kulibe atolankhani anzeru eti ?mudzilembako khaki za phindu Lucius bola atayamba chase osati zimenezo ayi. Kodi kumalawiko mukufuna Lucius kuti adane ndi aliyense chifukwa cha ndale ?

  15. Lucius Banda and Zembani band will perform at Aford rally thats the point to know n its not a crime to do editor u aught to know that Banda is amusian,, so dont politsise his perfomance by writting the way u have written,what if you hear that Lucius and zembani are perfoming at my wedding ceremony?what are you going to say? Be proffessisional.

  16. Palibe chipani chogonjetsa D P P apa.ngati simukuziwa inu otsutsa! Campaign muzachitila nokha kuti yemwe akulamula awineso.chifukwa chakupupuluma kwanu ngati simukuziwa panopa amalawi tidachenjela Kale kale.

  17. Nose ndinu zisislu mukungo limbana limbana zaziiiii odwa ndalama alipheee akungovesela aliphee well don’t president komaso bushiri akuti ndi mprofiti muna wonako kuti muthu achoke kumau amulungu ndikupita ku zandali amalawi segukani kumaso plz

  18. sir soja iz an UDF member not manyaka akunenedwa ndi mbuli za page ino. yesterday u told us abt MCP, today u r here wth another nosense, shame on u…… mupeze zina zochita za information zavutapo apa…… asasamba inu

  19. That’s a positive move Mr Banda,sir I have to call you Mr. instead of Hon. because you will be going there in your capacity as a musician not politician,your critics have to comprehend that you have bills to pay and put food on the table,music comes first so if any political organisation invites you and business wise you are free to attend

  20. So Chaponda when he was arrested that means Chaponda was a policeman. Sleeping in a garage won’t make you be a car. Zembani music company can be booked by everyone including DPP

    • Dpp Simatega Munthu Asali Sapota Wao Ayi Kuli J Mtembo, J Nkansa, S Chembez, G Gwaladi, Zanuzo Kwanu Konko, Simanyengelela Munthu, Kt Bwela Ukhala Vp Waga!!! Aaaaa Dpp Ndakatundu Man

  21. Page iyi ndiye manyakanso inuyo mukunena zoonadi Lucius banda angakalowe afford zoona chipani chili mbuu kusowa ndalama ndiye Lucius banda angakalowe chipanicho ? Wakana DPP nthawi yaitali

  22. Ayi tizaona wina akuyenda chopolama DPP itatenganso boma 2019.INU PAMALAWI PALIBE CHIPANI CHINGAGWESE DPP, Kapena mungandiuze mfundo zatsopano zomwe zipani zosusa zikusata tsopano?Apatu ndikuona kuti anthu muzazungulira mitu ambiri DPP itawina,komano zimakhala zowawa utataya voti yako mmadzi chipani chako osamawina.Ayi MUZAZIONA.

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